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Mobile app sync with other clincians




  • Official comment

    Hi Clifford,

    I will happily assist you with your question.

    Each clinician is only able to see their own appointments in the SP mobile app calendar. This means that currently we do not have a way for you to see other clinician's appointments through the mobile app calendar.

    What you can do here is log into your SP account via browser through your mobile device, so that you can open the calendar where you can see both your and your clinicians's calendar, in order to prevent conflicts. 

    Don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions for me.

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  • Eric Cuestas-Thompson

    are there any plans to add this to the mobile app? 

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  • Jacqueline Lanier

    Has there been an answer to this?

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  • Gillian

    Hi Eric and Jacqueline, we're always working on making the SimplePractice mobile apps even more functional - making other clinician's calendars accessible on mobile is something that we're considering for a potential future update. However, we do not have a specific date by which this potential enhancement would be available.

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