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To Do list




  • Amanda Wallingsford

    I would LOVE this feature as well.  I was just exploring to see if we have this feature and I haven't found anything.  I would add things like:  verify eligibility, call to get copay info, etc.  

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  • Gillian

    Hey all! We're gathering feedback on this idea here:

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  • Ingrid Ponciano

    I would also love that feature, sometimes I wish I had a To-do list (reminder that I create) to future dates to for example:

    Remember to call client X to schedule an appointment when she comes back from out of town.

    Remember to: review insurance authorization on "date" 

    it will very helpful!  Some other EHR companies already include a to-do feature.

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  • Linda Smith

    Definitely need this. It gives us reminders based on what the System wants to tell us...but it doesn't allow us to create our own custom reminder and to possibly link to a client. Even if we can't link to a still would be helpful to create reminders for ourselves and have those be available for review on the platform and in the daily email we receive.

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  • Shirley Boone-Sanford, PhD

    Ditto Linda S. Can we expect something like this soon?


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  • Kristen Duran

    Yes... I would love a to do list!  It would save me a lot of time & help keep me organized.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi all,

    Take a look at this idea on our Ideas & Suggestions board that Gillian posted above and vote and comment!


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  • Mary McDonald

    Puh-leeese; to-do list would be great. How hard can it be?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Mary,

    Have you already had a chance to vote or comment on the idea linked above? Once you post on that board, you'll automatically receive status updates on this feature.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Yes, past due in having a task list. Should be straightforward to enable us to be able to add our own tasks into the Reminder List that is already on SimplePractice. Being able to link them to a client would be powerful. Being able to have an ongoing timeline that automatically logs calls, secure messages, emails, etc. would bring SimplePractice more into line with being a complete HIPAA compliant CRM.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Roger, thanks for the feedback. We've actually started to build out this functionality, as you can see, the status for this idea on our Ideas & Suggestions board was updated on August 11, 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for our feature enhancement release email! 

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