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  • Official comment

    Hi Cadara,

    I’ve reached out to you privately addressing the claim in question, as there is some additional information specific to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions by responding to the email thread I have started with you.

    As a general answer, when claim rejections show this error "Payer Assigned Claim Control Number Corrected Data Note: Requires a second status code to identify the corrected data. (464)," the rejection is coming from Box 22 where there is an invalid claim reference number and/or resubmission code selected. 

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  • Lorin Burke

    I received the following status for a claim that I submitted. I am unsure how to proceed with submitting this claim. I did contact the payer, and was informed that they did not receive this claim. Can you please tell me how to proceed, so I can resubmit this claim


    Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim-The claim/encounter has been rejected and has not been entered into the adjudication system. (A3) Payer Assigned Claim Control Number (464)

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lorin, a Rejected claim status signifies that it was returned by the clearinghouse, prior to the claim being sent to the insurance payer. You'll want to reach out to our Insurance Team to find out why the claim was Rejected and how to successfully submit it. To reach out, send an email Help Request

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