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Video Counseling Question




  • Gillian

    Hi Julie, what state are you in? 

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  • Kathryn Jackson, MN, CNM, ARNP

    Cigna uses AmWell as its video platform. I know because I just spent a frustrating day trying to get signed up with their platform (seems like once you are, you can use it for any patient, but I[m not altogether sure about that).

    Anyway, even though Cigna contracts with non-physician providers, AmWell doesn't in some states. I thought I'd get by on their private practice platform, but think I'll end up being told after they've vetted me that (even though I pay my own malpractice--an AmWell requirement), that they're not taking any non-physician providers at this time. I keep running into a splash page that says that.

    Very frustrating trying to find a HIPPA compliant Telehealth platform that will take me, with my > 30 years experience as a women's health specialist and midwife. I don't mind paying a small monthly fee like Simple practice has, but what with my EHR and the percentage taken by banks for use of any HSA/debit/credit card, I'm just giving away the income I work so hard for.

    OK, that's me.

    Thanks for letting me rant.



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  • Shelly Allen



    My question is dealing with telehealth.  When I attempted to show a video, the client could not hear the video.  How do I fix this problem.  Thank you! 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Shelly, currently there's no way to share audio with your clients when you share your screen on a Telehealth call. You can vote and comment on this feature request if you'd like us to consider adding it in the future:

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