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stripe payments




  • Gillian

    Hi Ashley, I've created a Help request on your behalf for our team. We'll get back to you via email shortly. 

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  • Cara Segal


    my quickbooks bookkeeper is requesting that I sign into stripe directly to get my annual transactions report. I can't seem to do that on the Stripe website. Do I automatically have a stripe account if I only have one through simplepractice?

    Here is what my bookkeeper is saying: 

    Regarding the Stripe account that is connected to Simple Practice, you would have to have set up the login for Stripe in order to connect it to Simple Practice. 

    I will definitely need the extra report because it contains valuable information to reconcile that account.

    Can you please advise? 

    Thank you,

    Cara Segal

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Dr. Segal,

    With our fully integrated Online Payments system, you do not need to access Stripe directly for your transaction information. I've gone ahead and forwarded your request to our Customer Success team so that they can provide support and help you get the information you need.

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  • Shiro P. Torquato

    My question did not get answered


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  • Nimisha Patel

    I switched over to Simple Practice this month Feb 2022. Have received some payment for my sessions but it's nowhere near the number indicated on the front page for my February income.

    Is there anywhere I can see a record of ongoing payments, the merchant service fees for these payments, and when they will be deposited into my bank?


    Thank you:)

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