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  • Gillian

    Hi Lenore, for the most security, we do not recommend saving your username and password in your browser's settings or keychain. That way, unauthorized access to your SimplePractice account and your client's PHI is less likely.

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  • Mary Welschmeyer

    I am just beginning to set up my account and I can't et past the first page!  I can't sign in.


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  • Adele Nicols

    I hit the option to save my password and now I've changed my mind but can't find a way to undo the save. Can someone please advise?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Adele,

    While there isn't a way to un-save a saved password, you can click Forgot password? on the SimplePractice Sign In page and change your password again.

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  • Dr. Mohammed Tarawneh

    trying to resetting my password


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  • Ruth

    Hi Dr. Tarawneh, please go to the SimplePractice Sign In page and hit the Forgot Password?, or Forgot Username? links to retrieve your login information. If that doesn't help, hit the Ask us a question link at the bottom of the page and email a member of our Customer Success Team so they can help you directly! 

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  • Paul Kelly

    issues sharing screen with clients

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