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Allowing clients to choose the default credit card




  • Gillian

    Hi Marc, this is a great suggestion. We recommend posting it on our Ideas board at, where our Product team regularly reviews ideas submitted by our community. 

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  • Kelly O'Donnell

    I agree. This has caused problems for me as well.

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  • Sara Fisher Brazier

    I am having the same problem, clients can't add a card easily and reselect primary


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  • Kathy Morgan, LPC


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  • Jon E. Sorensen

    Plus one for all this. Clients routinely have CC expire, or have a card number stolen and need to change and it's a complicated process every time. Please allow clients to delete their old cards as long as a new card is available.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, although your clients can't select a "Default" credit card, they can enter a new one and save it to their client file.

    First, go to their client file > Edit > Client Portal and enable them to "Access Billing Documents" and "Pay balance with Stripe." Next, clients will want to login to the Client Portal > Billing & Payments tab, click on an invoice to "Add Payment" to, or hit Pay Now to pay their full balance. Then they can "Add Card" and check the box to "Save Card" when paying for the invoice, or their balance.

    If you want the client to add a credit card to their file without making a payment, go to their client file > Share > Credit Card Information form.

    From your end, you can go to the client's file > Edit > Billing and Insurance > +Card to add a new credit card for them and select which of their cards to make the "Default" payment method. You can also delete any of their credit cards from this page.

    The reason we don't allow clients to delete their own credit cards is so clinicians who require credit cards on file, or would like to have a payment method available, aren't unexpectedly left without any way to charge their clients. We also notify clinicians when their clients' credit cards are expiring in their Reminders tab. Let me know if there's anything I can further clarify! 

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  • Anna Yates

    Ruth, Thank you for this information! I would love to see this become a SimplePractice help doc so that it is easier to search for in the future. For now, I have locally bookmarked this comment in my "SP Resources"

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  • Renee V. Rivera

    Ruth -  your info is helpful but still does not address the issue of how I know which card to use, since the client cannot chose a default card. Can I tell from the order of cards on the list of cards in the client account which one was added most recently?  That is, are newly added cards on the bottom or top of the list of credit cards?

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  • Matthew Sciba

    Yes, the client can add a new card, but the clinician is given no indication regarding which card was added, which the client prefers.  

    Please fix this.

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