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Billing 3rd party payer is not Insurance




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    Liz L.

    Hi Kimberly,

    I understand that you have a client where you're accepting partial payment, and a third party organization is covering the remaining balance. In this case, you can set this up as if the organization is an EAP and bill like you would for insurance sessions.

    This guide can help you add an EAP to your account, which you can then assign to the client as their insurance payer: Adding an employee assistance program (EAP)

    You can set up the client with the insurance billing type, and enter in the amount that they owe as their copay. Here's a guide that can show you more about this: Setting up insurance billing for your client

    After billing the organization and receiving payment from them, you can manually add an "insurance payment" from the organization. This guide can help with that: Adding an insurance payment

    Keep in mind that we don't support third-party billing at this time, so you'll need to create and send billing documents for the organization outside of SimplePractice.

    For more info on the general insurance billing process, you can also refer to this guide: Getting Started Guide: Insurance

    Let us know if you have more questions - we're happy to help.

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  • Kimberly Wallace

    Liz, thank you for sending me the detailed steps to adjust this client. I really appreciate your time and thoroughness. I will update you once I have worked through this and let you know if I have further questions. Blessings! Kimberly

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  • Kimberly Wallace

    Liz, I completed these steps to adjust for the upcoming session. If the client paid a portion of the first session by Stripe, is this the correct article to use to adjust that session to an "insurance billing?"


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  • Liz L.

    Hi Kimberly,

    I'm glad I could help!

    You can follow the steps in this guide to show you how change a session billing type from Self-Pay to Insurance: Appointment level billing changes

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  • Matthew Bartlett


    Do you have a plan to support 3rd party billing any time soon?  I work with a lot of clergy that pay for services.  Would like a simple process in place. Thanks

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  • Melinda

    Hey there, Matthew.

    I would be happy to provide some additional insight here. 

    SimplePractice has recently released an Enhanced Client Management feature which has streamlined third party billing entirely for your practice. To add a clergy as the Billing Responsible Party for a client, you will first want to add them as a Contact to the client's profile. To do this, navigate to the client in question, select "Edit Details" then "Contacts". From here, select +New Contact and mark this clergy as Responsible for Billing. This will allow you to set them as the responsible party on billing documents, and if needed, allow the third party to view any outstanding balances on the Client Portal, which they can pay. 

    To ensure that you have your third-party billing set up correctly, I recommend checking out this helpful guide we released:  Enhanced Client Management for third party billing.


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  • Gabrielle Samuels

    I have a client (not a minor) whose parents are paying for therapy.  Two questions:  1) can I bill them monthly when all of my other clients are on a per session basis? 2) Is there a ways to add their info onto the Client's statements/superbills

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  • Ruth

    Hi Gabrielle - I'm happy to answer your questions. 

    1. There isn't a way to customize how often invoices are generated for individual clients, these settings are fixed for your entire practice. You can change your invoicing schedule in My Account > Settings > Billing and Services. You can; however, choose to charge clients every month instead of enrolling them in Autopay, or charging their card immediately after a session. To keep a mental record of this, you can log when you last charged the client's card as an Administrative Note on the client's Overview page. Here is more on Using Administrative Notes in SimplePractice

    2. Minor, or not, you can always add a Contact as the Responsible Biller for a client. As Melinda explained, you'll want to go to the client's file, click the Edit link under their name, navigate to the Contacts tab and click the +Add Contact button to the top right.  If you've already added them as a client or Contact, search for them in the search field. If you haven't created a client file for the parent, or entered the parent as a Contact for another client, you'll want to click +New Contact. 

    After you enter the Contact's information and saved them, click Manage > Manage Client Portal & Billing and check the box to make them "Responsible for Billing." This way, the Contact's name and information will appear on all Billing Documents. 

    Note: There can only be one Contact who is listed as the "Responsible Biller," so you don't need to add both parents as Contacts for the child.  

    For your reference, I'd recommend reviewing our guide on Enhanced Client Management for third party billing.

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  • Susan Lowe

    My client's services are being paid through her Birth Center by grant. I will invoice them. How do I mark when an outside agency pays me? This will not be a credit or debit card. More like cash.  Please tell me how I can set this client's payment up with a 3rd party paying for the services.

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