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  • Gillian

    Hi Jamie, there isn't currently a way to do this in SimplePractice, however, you can add line-items to Invoices or add a note on the Invoice to let clients know what their write-off was.

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  • Annabelle Coote

    This is a big bummer!  But I do just as Gillian says when I need to -- ADD additional info to the service in the INVOICE and then it shows up on the statement.  NOTES on the invoice do NOT show up on the statement.  My format is something like: $100 fee - $70 insurance payment (or payment received) - $30 write off.

    If this were an actual entry, I would have set up the payment in the billing section to reflect a $100 charge and a client payment due of $70 or a write off of $30 (depending on whether it was self-pay or insurance).  And in this example, the invoice would be for  $70 and would show paid.

    In another scenario, if there was no payment made for example, the invoice might read $100 - $30 write off and the invoice would show $70 due.

    If you received partial payment and there is still some due then it gets super tricky -- you'd have to add something like: $100 fee - $30 write off = $70 balance due.  Partial payment of $50 leaves $20 balance owed.

    But if you only put that in the same line, the invoice will show a $70 unpaid balance because the system doesn't show partial payments (another bummer!)

    You could if you wanted then add a line item separate from the service line in which you added a "product" of "partial payment" for $50 -- then the balance due would show $20, but this would also add an extra $50 credit to the system and when they made the actual $20 payment then it would still calculate the extra $50 so you would have to go back and delete the credit OR add a new line item to reverse the credit (seems crazy).


    Hope that helps


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  • Catherine M. Cotter

    I am following this as I would like to do same.!


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  • Catherine M. Cotter

    My last program was able to generate statements showing my fee, the adjustments, deductions as well as patient due with a few key strokes. I really like so much about SP but the billing is frustrating.

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  • Elizabeth LaColla

    I agree.  If sending a statement to a client it would be helpful to have all the information included.  

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  • Dr. Karrie Lyons-Sjostrom

    I also strongly agree that the EOB information really needs to be added to the invoice so that clients can understand write-offs, copays, co-insurance, etc. Entering it ourselves takes way too much time and could lead to room for error.  Minimally, how do we send an email copy of the insurance EOB's we receive? Thank you 

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  • Maria Egan

    I agree and it would be great to have a place for people to choose to pay their bill with a credit card. Meaning the statement or invoice needs a place for clients to add there payment information.


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  • Jessica Wallace

    Any way to see current write offs for the current year?  SP billing is super frustrating and I don't have time to research work arounds.  If all of this info could be accessible to current date it would make billing so much easier for us.

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