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    Liz L.

    Hi Mandy,

    I took a look at your Availability blocks in your account. I noticed that you created 60 minute blocks throughout your week. This means that each service you offer needs to be able to fit within 60 minutes for it to be bookable online. 

    However, when I went to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services, I noticed that you blocked off 15 minutes before and after the appointment for the service codes you offer for online booking. For example, your 90837 service has a duration 60 minutes, a 15 minute block before the appointment, and a 15 minute block after the appointment. 

    This means that in total, your 90837 service is 90 minutes (60 + 15 + 15) long. The 90837 will need an Availability block that is at least 90 minutes long to fit. Since all of your current Availability blocks are only 60 minutes, this 90837 will not be available for online booking. 

    Generally speaking, we recommend that you create larger Availability blocks that allow for seamless back to back booking. This means that if you're available from 9am-12pm, we recommend that you create one large block from 9-12 rather than 3 small blocks from 9-10, 10-11, and 11-12. 

    If you'd like to block off time between sessions, we also recommend that you pick either before appointment or after appointment time blocks, instead of both. In this case, I recommend that you add a 15 minute after appointment block (or before) to your 90837 service. 

    After you adjust your Availability blocks and your block off times, your services should be bookable online through the Booking Widget. Here's a guide for more info on this: Managing your Availability

    Let us know if you have more questions - we're happy to help. 

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  • Tino Silva

    I have the same issue as well.  I just sent in an inquiry.  Frustrating...


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  • Shari A. Franco-Fisher

    I have the same issue and I don't have a 10 min before or after on my codes. No one can book online for appointments. Please help!!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Sharon - I’ve created a help request on your behalf so that a member of our team can investigate your online booking settings further. They’ll be reaching out to you with their findings over email.

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  • James Phelan

    I have created availability for the same time every day except Sunday. The availability on my website shows the correct availability up until 6/16 and then ends. In SP I have it set to never end.

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  • James Phelan

    I have created availability for the same time every day except Sunday. The availability on my website shows the correct availability up until 6/16 and then ends. In SP I have it set to never end.

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  • Jasmine King

    Same as above.  I have created my availability for consultations but my website shows no available slots.


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  • Debbie Safra, MS, RDN

    I have embedded the coding for the online booking as well and I adjusted the timing and now when I click on the button to test it, it say's "choose a service" but there's nothing to choose.  I went back and checked that all my services are checked off for online booking? 

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  • Ayelette

    Hi James, Jasmine, and Debbie,

    When setting your Availability for Online Booking, here are the 3 areas in your account to review:

    1. My Account > Settings > Client Portal - Review the Online Booking settings listed here.
    2. My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services - Review the Online Booking settings for each service.
    3. Calendar > Availability - Open each Availability block and confirm that the duration, location, and services are selected as needed. Note that you will need to create a separate Availability block for each location and for each clinician.

    You can learn more about setting your Availability in this Help Center guide: Managing Availability.

    If you continue to experience Availability issues, please send us a help request so we can review your account. You can contact us directly by clicking the blue question mark icon on the lower right of your SimplePractice account > clicking Get Help. For more details, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Logging in to SimplePractice and submitting help requests.

    Note that although we're periodically monitoring the Community Forum, this is also a place for customers to exchange ideas and engage with one another on how to best use our platform. The quickest way to access support for account-specific issues is to reach out to us through the Get Help link above. Thank you all for acting as resources for each other in the meantime. 

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  • Kelly Collier

    I'm having the same issue. Mine also says not more times available. I've checked the items mentioned (scheduling larger blocks and not having breaks.) Can someone please look at my account and see what's going on? 

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  • Maki Hoshino

    How can I connect my booking calendar to google business? I copy and paste to where it should be on the google business page, but it won't allow me to.

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  • Ariana D. McZeal

    I am having the same issue too. It shows my July availability and then shows nothing past that. I've submitted an inquiry but really want to figure this out.

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  • Maloa Affuembey, MD

    Having this issue as well. Anyone find a resolution? Can SP support help with this?

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