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Using two credit cards for a patient




  • Gillian

    Sure thing, Erik. Just add the different card under Edit > Billing and Insurance > +Card and you'll have the option to pick which one to use when adding a Stripe Credit Card payment. 

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  • Kimberly Christiansen

    This is a great option. One thing I might add, if possible - it would be helpful if there was a space to add "nickname" or "card reference" so I could distinguish between the two cards. For example - "Debit" and "Credit" or "FSA"



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  • Jeanne Jankus

    My client has a HSA card and wants to pay a portion of a session with that card and another portion with her credit card. Is that possible?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Kimberly,

    Here's how you can add a nickname to a credit card in a client's profile:

    1. Go to the client's profile > click Edit beneath their name > click the Billing and Insurance tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Credit & Debit Cards section > click Edit next to the appropriate card.
    3. Add the nickname to the Card Nickname (optional) field > click Update Card.

    The nickname will then appear to the left of the card, as shown below.


    Hi Jeanne,

    There is not a way to split the payment of a single session across two credit cards. However, you can charge every other session on one card, and the other sessions on the second card.

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  • Laura da Silva

    I wish that were not the case Jeanne, as I work with minors and when their parents are divorced and each are paying half of the session, I need to be able to charge both cards so that one does not end up paying for more sessions than the other. Non-civil parents don't always agree to every other session.

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