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Rejected due to the following error: Claim Check or Remittance Date should not be used. * (21)




  • Official comment

    Hi Jody,

    Welcome to the SP community! I’ve reached out to you privately addressing these questions, as there is some additional information that is specific to your client.  Please let me know if you have any other questions by responding to the email thread that I've started with you.

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  • Rhonda M. Ross

    I am getting the same error and need to have someone explain it to me in English.  This error message is very unclear, confusing, and unactionable' - Rhonda, Brain Advances, 814.273.6668

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  • Rhonda M. Ross

    Help.  This is not understandable  

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  • Philip

    Hi Rhonda,

    My name is Philip and I am the Secondary Claims Subject Matter Expert here at SimplePractice. I will be following up again via email to see if you have any specific questions to my first response on your help request made on 6/21/2019 about this claim rejection.

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  • Gaetano Serra, M.A., M.S., LMHC, LCMHC, NCC

    May I please have someone reach out to me directly in order to resolve this Adapter Error? I read the article and attempted to fix this. 919.446.3099

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  • Gillian

    Hi Gaetano, we'd be happy to help. A member of the SimplePractice Success team will reach out to you to assist. 

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  • Felica Duce, LPC

    I am suddenly getting this rejection code on 3 clients that I have been billing for several years. They all have recently been moved from Optum to Idaho Blue Cross, however I have successfully billed for over a month. What am I missing to get this error and did I do something to cause this sudden change? Help Help!

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  • Eric Fieldstad, LCSW

    The last 24 hrs all of my Idaho Blue Cross claims have been rejected with this message. 

    Rejected due to the following error: (21)   


    Why?  nothing has changed and it has worked the last 1.5 yrs I have been with SimplePractice

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  • Daniella Pedroso

    Hello, I have 2 patients whose claims have the rejection message: (Rejected due to the following error: Subscr: Claim failed Pre-Membership Validation (21)). I looked over the claims and they look correct. Please help-- what does that mean? Thank you in advance

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  • Luke Carter, Psyd

    I have a claim that has rejected due to error (21) missing or invalid information.  I am not able to see what the error is. Nothing has changed I've been billing for this patient. Could I get more clarification on this matter?


    Thank you!! 

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  • April Brown

    I have claim rejected for the same error 21 as several other people have posted, but I don't see any explanations given. Any ideas?

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  • Teressa Bowman

    Can someone reach out and provide an explanation regarding error code Rejected due to the following error: NO RESULTS AFTER DATE ELIMINATION (21).

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, to find out why your claim was rejected and to get help resubmitting the claim successfully, please reach out to our insurance Team by clicking on the ? icon in your account > Get Help > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request! Here's more on how to email us for further investigation

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