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Space for billing notes on session dates




  • Gillian

    Thanks for your post, Jenna. The best place for ideas and suggestions on how to improve SimplePractice is 

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  • Claudette Beahrs

    I agree.  Having a way to leave reminders or special instructions about a client on the calendar page would be extremely helpful.

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  • Yolanda Winfield

    Here is a suggestion of what we do in our practice:

    As the office manager and admin of the Simple Practice account, I have a column on the calendar, and we put the notes in that column next to the time for patient's appointment, we put notes on co pays, or any other special circumstances. It does really help to have them right there for the receptionist to see without having to go into each client account. 

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  • Dawn O'Regan

    TPC A. How did you create a column on the calendar? This is exactly what my biller wants but I don't know how to set it up. Would you be able to provide instructions to create this? 


    Dawn O'Regan

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  • Amie Berger, CDCA

    What info on how to create this column on calendar ever shared or addressed? Interested in learning how. 


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  • Gillian

    Hi all, it sounds like this SimplePractice customer may be using Other appointments as "sticky notes" for reminders about scheduled sessions. To schedule an Other appointment, click on the Calendar and select Other.

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  • Irish Smith

    i'm in agreement with Jenna, as a biller, being able to put a note pertaining to a claim/DOS which we may have had to call on, appeal etc, would be extremely helpful.  One of the biggest complaints from my clients using SP is that they do not know what we've done with a claim, that is old.putting a note on the admin note makes for one big run on note, that no one reads

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