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Credit Card Transaction History




  • Whitney

    Hi Sharon,


    I would be happy to help you with this. 


    To access your credit card transaction history from January and February, you will need to sign into your old Stripe Dashboard account. To do this, follow this link: Stripe Login, and sign in.


    You will be still able to see in the old platform a history of transactions made before you switched to the new integrated Stripe platform. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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  • Alicia L. Goodman

    Hello, how do I get a list of all of my payments noting the 3.25 fee taken out so I may submit that to my tax person, thank you.

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  • Gillian

    Hi Alicia, I'd be happy to help. You can find your card transactions and fee totals under Billing > Card Transactions. Under Reports, we also have the 2019 Tax Report, which includes all of your income (regardless of type), a breakdown of Stripe fees, and additional information that is useful for filing taxes.

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