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Client Survey




  • Gillian

    Hi Elana, this is a great question. One thing to note is that it may not be HIPAA compliant to send mass emails to clients unless they've specifically opted-in to receiving emails or newsletters from you. I look forward to seeing what the community might be able to share with you.

    At SimplePractice, we use a satisfaction survey called NPS - this is a 11-point scale question that asks the customer "How likely are you to recommend [service] to a friend or colleague?" You may want to do some research on NPS and see if that's a good fit for your practice. 

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  • Michele R. Hahn

    HI Gillian, Where would I find the NPS? Thanks!

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  • Gillian

    Hi Michele, the NPS is not currently in the SimplePractice Template Library. However, you can build your own version under My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms. Here's an article with more information on NPS:

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  • Nikki Magliaro

    Is there any way to have Simple Practice automatically send an NPS survey to clients after their initial appointment with the practice? 

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  • Kareem Puranda

    @nikki magliaro

    This is a good questions. I hope SP can make this happen

    It would be very beneficial to the therapist/practice.


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  • The Healing Clinics

    I am curious about the automated survey also. Email Automation triggered by certain actions would be a great asset for Simple Practice to offer, especially since exporting contacts to a useable format for other platforms is almost impossible at best and extremely complicated and labor-intensive at worst! Can we get an answer Simple Practice?

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  • Jennifer Feagley

    The option for an automated survey to be sent after a client session would be an amazing addition to Simple Practice.  I don't believe it would need to be extensive - maybe an option for a five-question survey with a comment section.  

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