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Payments Received by Clinician Reconciliation



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    Hi Katrina,

    It may help to explain how the pay period snapshot feature works to explain the accounting discrepancy. When you lock a pay period, the system takes a snapshot of how the entire billing system looks at that moment. Then it can use the snapshot as a point of comparison to calculate any adjustments that occurred to the time periods that have already been paid out afterwards.

    When you looked at this clinician's Payments Received by Clinician report for 12/31/18 through 5/5/19, you were looking at how this time period exists today. This will include insurance payments that arrived after this time period that were allocated to appointments within this time period. It will also include payments that were added after the pay period was closed but dated within the pay period (like Medicaid payments since you have to enter these manually). 

    Each time a pay period is locked, the system compares the current state of your accounting to the previous locked pay period snapshots and factors any changes into adjustments. While I'm not able to identify the specific transactions accounting for the difference in the current functionality, our Product Team are working on a more detailed version of this report and you can follow our progress on the Product Roadmap: SimplePractice Product Roadmap

    Please let me know if you have additional questions and I will be happy to help.

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