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Does your biller work with SimplePractice? Share their information here!

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  • Linda Stenberg

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a Biller in the NW?  Thank you.

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  • Davia Ward

    Hi my name is Davia Ward, I own Healthcare Partners Consulting and Billing.  (HPC BIlling) . I have over 30 years experience in medical billing and have concentrated the last 10 years on mental health providers.   I have a staff of over 30 employees located in Chesapeake, VA.  We cater to all sizes of practice from the solo provider to groups of over 50!  Size does not matter.

    We provide medical billing, benefit verification, claim and denial follow up, A/R cleanup.

    We also provide virtual reception services, virtual scheduling and practice management consultations.

    My contact information is:

    (252) 231-2668 or (888) 517-4992

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  • Cynthia Leavitt

    I am an LPC in CT looking to hirer a biller that works with Simple Practice.

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  • Ron C. Bean

    Hello all, I am interested in turning billing over to someone who knows what they are doing. Does anyone have any good recommendations on people or services that can help with billing, maximizing reimbursement, and all of that? I have reached out to many, but am having trouble finding services! Thanks so much!

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  • Ron C. Bean

    Arizona! Sorry! I should have added that. :) Thanks everyone!


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  • Theresa Burback

    Hello! Are there any billing services in Illinois that use Simple Practice; file claims, verify insurance coverage, followup on insurance claims/denials/rejections, apply payments from other sites like Availity & Magellan that do not automatically apply and also help with credentialing? Also, what are your rates?  Thank you!

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  • Mindy Flaig

    My name is Mindy Flaig and I have a billing company, Guardian Billing. I had worked for over ten years in mental health billing before starting my own company. I truly enjoy helping my providers' practices be successful while allowing them the peace of mind to focus on the client side of the work rather than on billing and insurance issues.

    I work with many SimplePractice providers to help them with their EDI/ERA set up, insurance verification, claims submissions, claim denial and rejections, and payment postings. I do consulting for local clinics, help providers with credentialing, and A/R cleanups as well. You can visit my website, email me, or call me for more information.


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  • Deanna Attee

    Oh, and my part time job of 13 years is as an office manager for a mental health private practice.  :)

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  • Tami Ramage

    I’m in California and I do billing and also I do the process to become in-network with insurances for providers. My name is Margaret 559-816-1334

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  • Cindy Chavez-Simon


    Our company is very familiar with SimplePractice. While we have not yet billed for a rehab clinic, I believe we could definitely help and learn this avenue quickly.  We can also help with credentialing. If you would like I can send you our brochure for you to review and am available via email or phone as well. Thank you. 


    Cindy Chavez-Simon

    President, Romidyn LLC


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  • Jamie Rowley

    Hi my name is Jamie and I own Kairos Billing Solutions. We are a full service Mental Health Billing and Credentialing company. We use Simple Practice as one of our billing softwares. Reach out if you have any questions and check out our website for provider reviews and additional information. You won't regret it.
    801-462-6162 x3

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  • Bethany Locke

    Hello, I have a Medical billing company. I am looking to take on 5-7 more clients or groups. Email at or call 810-835-1555

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  • Joy Jegede

    Hello! Looking for a biller able to navigate the states of Connecticut, Maryland, and New York insurances. Thank you!

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  • Bethany Locke

    Joy I can.

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  • Carmen Wolf

    Ron is great! I’d try that.

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  • April Smoke-Collins

    Hi Ron,

    Coach Jay (Jason Collins) is great with billing.  He has been a biller for 12 years. He has an awesome temperament and gets the job done.  You can reach out to him at He works with other clinicians in in various states who use Simple Practice.

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  • Andrew Carini

    Does anyone have the name of a medical billing company that works with Simple Practice in the state of Florida? It's for a solo counseling practice. Thank you!

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  • Libby Rosencrans

    I’m in Chicago. How much do these service providers charge for full services of credentialing new hires, billing, collecting client payments, submitting and tracking insurance claims, bookkeeping, etc versus just doing the basics of just claims or just bookkeeping?

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  • Joan D. McCohnell

    Looking for an Office Manager/Biller familiar with Simple Practice and is located in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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  • Nicole Alago

    Hello. I am with H&C billing Services. Located in VA. Have been doing remote for 4 years now. We specialize in Mental Health, ABA, credentialing & consulting. Clients so far are in CA, MN and VA. if you would like to talk.

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  • Keely Hunter

    Billing Behavioral Health is currently accepting three new clients! We have extensive references and currently help clinicians in IL, AR, FL, NY, GA and NJ. We provide the following services for all clients: 

    • Simple Practice billing
    • All credentialing 
    • Insurance verification 
    • Claims filing
    • Claims follow up
    • Claims auditing

    For more information, please reach out to or We look forward to helping you grow!

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  • Joie McMullen

    My name is Joie, I am a medical biller in North Carolina. I work with a client in DE and  looking to take on new clients in DE, MD, NJ, and NC. I have a background in: Cardiology, Behavioral Health, Pain Management and Chiropractic. I have used Simple Practice since 2018, billing Behavioral Health.

    Some of the services I offer are:

    • Electronic and Paper claims
    • Contracting & Credentialing
    • Training
    • Consulting

    I also offer customized pricing and service options to best fit your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Joie McMullen


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  • Karen McGahan

    Hi Judith, I’m wondering if you finally found a good billing company? I have also had experiences with several different billers on this thread with mixed results. My most recent experience was quite disappointing and left me with extra costs & backed up billing issues. All in all, an expensive, unnecessary waste of my time. If anyone is considering hiring someone on this list, I’d be happy to provide feedback about my experiences so as to help you avoid the same issues. Karen McGahan, LICSW

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  • Ashley Phillips


    I am an LCSW looking for a credentialing/billing specialist in the North Carolina area? Preferably, someone with experience in credentialing/billing with NC Medicaid? 


    Thank you!

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  • Kandi Arnhold

    Good afternoon, I have a behavioral billing and Contracting Services company in Northwestern Washington.   30 years experience in medical billing with the past 8 years specifically for mental health groups and solo therapists.  Got a few spots available and happy to chat and see how it can be a fit.  You can find me on Facebook or email :

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  • Deanna Attee

    Hi!  My name is Deanna Attee and I am located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I have been in mental health billing for 13 years.  My business name is Oasis Billing Services and it's my goal to make your private practice easier to manage.  You can focus on your specialty and leave the complicated details to me.  I am detail oriented and know how to communicate with insurance companies.  I can help you with credentialing, administrative set up and small business consulting.  (I have had a retail business for 16 years).  If you prefer to do your own billing, I can train you on the software, aid you in setting up your billing details and be available for troubleshooting. I am exiting my part time job very soon and looking for new billing clients.

    You can reach me at 906-226-1129 or

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Brittainy Wagner

    Hi everyone, I'm Brittainy Wagner and I'm a therapist out of Denison, TX who got tired of feeling like a number for other billing companies (no knock against other billers in this thread) so I decided to offer affordable billing with personalized care and quick turn around times. I charge less because Simple Practice does most of the work. You can take a look at my services here, and call 903.267.4023 or email if you have more questions.

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  • Tammy Cover

    I am in Texas (Houston area) and my billing and insurance specialist is Dee at DLB Medical Billing. She does great work for the agency I work for and another colleague who started a private practice, so I knew she was reliable. When I started my practice she was the only biller I contacted. She has done everything so promptly, submitting paperwork to get me enrolled in insurance panels, billing insurance. She answers my questions promptly by email, but I know I can call her if I need to. We did everything including signing the BAA through email since I had already met her in person a couple of years ago at the agency. Highly recommend her.

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  • berta yatcha

    Hi! I'm an RD based in NY opening a new practice. I am looking for a medical biller that has experience with expertise for RD codes. Please reach out to me if you or someone you know is available to work remotely.


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  • Taurus D. Sanders

    Hi, I am inquiring if anyone from South Carolina is using a biller or billing service. I am looking for someone local (Columbia) or in the state to hire. Thanks

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