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There was an error retrieving the information.




  • Gillian Boudreau

    Hello the same thing just happened to me with MVP

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  • Avery

    Hi Teresa and Gillian,

    The claim scrub issue you both experienced was due to a connection issue on the payer's end. 

    Our clearinghouse has communicated with the payer and made sure that it was resolved so that claims could be successfully submitted.

    Going forward, please resubmit the claims that received the scrub message. If after doing so you run into any other issues, please write into our support team and we'll be able to investigate further.



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  • Dawn Wamsley

    I am getting this error with Anthem Ohio

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  • Carla Lemon

    I’m experiencing the same thing Dawn with several different payers. I think I’m going to wait until later tonight or tomorrow to resubmit. 

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  • Sarah McGill

    I am receiving this error on all of my claims for multiple payers

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  • Kristina Goodman


    I received this same message today from one of my Blue Cross of Massachusetts, but other people with the same insurance company did not get this message and the claims were submitted. Any ideas why? Thank you!

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  • Matthew Marocco

    I am getting this on all my claims now. Does not matter the Payee. No issues prior to this.

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  • Katie Janik

    Same issue currently. I submitted a help request email as well. 

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  • Dr. Stephanie Kelly

    I am also receiving this error. Claims submitted earlier in the day were received. I wonder if there is a more global retrieval issue this evening if there are a handful of us have issues. 

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