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Adding reminders




  • Gillian

    Hi Sonja, this is a great use case for our Administrative Notes feature. Adding an Administrative Note to a client's Overview page is the perfect way to remind yourself of anything related to that client that you need to check or catch up on. 

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  • Stacey Baughman

    That is a great point made by Sonja S. Will the administrative Notes appear in Reminders? If not, is this an update SimplePractice can make.


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  • Sonja Seglin

    Hi, while administrative notes are helpful, they do require that I am already in the client file in order to see them. For clients who are already discharged I would love to set a reminder to check in after 3 months, as is my policy. But I won't be in the client's file in order to see the admin note. Having these show up in Reminders would be immensely helpful.

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  • Janelle Torres


    I’d like to be able to add reminders myself or put admin tasks on my calendar. I’m using now a different calendar on a different application and would like to keep it all on the simple practice platform

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  • Judy Shofner

    I agree with the above suggestions. If possible, it would be great to be able to create a to do list of all the administrative notes too. 

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  • Deanna Nichols

    I would love to add my own reminders also for things such as clients needing to change appointment times if cancellations open up, or waitlists for new clients waiting to get an appointment.....


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  • Diane Franz

    YESSSS! I am really annoyed that my daily "To Do" list and weekly or monthly reminders have to be kept separate from Simple Practice. It would be FANTASTIC to have a + icon in the reminders (like in calendar tab) where we can add our own reminder. I think many of us like Simple Practice because it streamlines things but this is left out feature that I'm sure many of us would love to have included. I honestly can't think of why it isn't and the admin note mentioned above simply doesn't cut it as a helpful option in this case.

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  • Gillian

    Thanks for providing your feedback on this idea, everyone. We're working on improving SimplePractice's Reminders tab, as well as considering different ways to help you manage your tasks all within SimplePractice. If you'd like to weigh in on our Ideas board, vote, and subscribe to updates, you can do so here:

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  • Mary McDonald

    I would also be really enthusiastic about having the capability of manually adding reminders. Please consider this.

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  • Warren T. Roseland, FNP-C

    A fully functional chart system must have the capacity to set follow-up dates and times for a large number of things including when to check on effects of medications, when to check with patient asynchronously about various issues, deadlines for documents and other actions on behalf of patients, reminder to add something to a note when waiting for a report or result, when to call another professional, etc. 

    Tom Roseland, FNP-C

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  • Ayelette

    Hi all,

    The best way to share your ideas with us is to add them to our Ideas and Suggestions board. Posting on this board means that members of our Product Team, as well as all members of our Community, have transparent access to review your suggestion. This board is one of our most important resources for understanding which features will have the most value for our community.

    If you're curious, here's more information about how a customer idea can become a SimplePractice feature: Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.

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  • Stacie McLean

    The admin notes section is great for noting financial agreements or other unique technicalities to that client, but it's not good for workflow.  Having to go into every client's chart and look for to-dos is not workable.

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  • Laurence Drell

    I am very concerned that this feature has been discussed for years 

    and it is not available.

    A good to do list 

    related to the calendar and each person 

    as well as a list that can be viewed as a total 


    the list should have a sort and filter feature in a pull down menu

    I would be glad to offer ideas 

    but please consider this a priority 



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  • Mary McDonald

    Reminder system needed: Laurence Drell is exactly right; his suggestions are very well thought out. I can see that I made a similar request four years ago. C'mon guys!  You've made very sophisticated changes to Client Billing - this would be MUCH simpler. What's holding you back? if another service offered this I'd probably make the switch. Please consider this a priority.

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