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GAD, PHQ9 - client portal - mobile access/app?




  • Gillian

    Hi, Merrily! Clients can use the Client Portal on their phones - the site is optimized for use with a mobile phone. 

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  • Marleni Tavarez

    Hi Gillian, Once completed - is there a way to save that one and sent a new one to client 3-6 months later.  Currently I only see option to keep one completedno.  I'm not able to delete or send a new one.  Please advise.  Thank you

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Marleni,

    Once a client completes a form, the same form will be available to share again by clicking Share on the top right of their profile page.

    Feel free to review this Help Center guide for more details: What if I need to resend a form to a client?

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  • thuc huynh

    is there a way for the scores from the phq9/gad7 to be auto-calculated so we don't have to do math ourselves?

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