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Where do the pay period adjustments come from?




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    Liz B.

    Hi Val,

    I'll be happy to help here. Once you close a pay period, you might see some values highlighted in yellow. These are adjustments to past pay periods made within the closed pay period. A positive amount means a client or insurance payment was added and backdated into a past pay period, or a client's past appointments were reassigned to that clinician.

    For your clinician in that date range, there were $1,000 worth of client payments that were backdated to before the first date of that pay period. This means that in the past they rendered services worth $1,000 more than originally accounted for.

    A negative or credit amount means a client's past appointments were reassigned to another clinician, or a client or insurance payment from a past period was deleted, refunded, or reduced. It means the clinician is seen as rendering services worth that much less than they had originally been reported.

    How you choose to handle these amounts is completely up to your Account Owner. We simply document what changes occurred within the account. The totals in the Amount column are not affected by the adjustments, so you have the freedom to correct the payments based on those adjustments or not.

    To learn more, check out our Help Center guides:

    Please reach out if you have further questions, and I'll be glad to work with you.


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  • Michelle Seely

    How do I unlock a closed pay period??? There were some misallocations and I need to recalculate it. 


    Michelle Seely

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