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Telehealth 'crickets'



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    Lindsay R.

    Hi Susan,

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. 

    I understand you're experiencing difficulty with your Telehealth connection and I'd be happy to provide you with suggestions to troubleshoot this issue. 

    I would recommend using this Pre-call Tool before your calls to test the quality of your connection. This is where you can test out your speaker volume or your microphone volume as well to see if it's in the acceptable range.

    Here is an excerpt from our Help Center on Telehealth if you continue to have issues:

    What do I do if I'm having audio problems?

    Follow these steps to verify your computer can capture and play audio:

    • Be sure your volume is not muted. This is a common cause for not being able to hear audio.
    • Check that your computer is using the correct audio device. Applications that use sound usually let you select a source.
    • Try to use a headset or speakers to confirm your computer can play audio.
    • Close any open media player (Spotify, Facebook, etc.).
      • Applications and media players can get control of your speakers and not let go until closed.
    • Your browser settings can get corrupted and prevent your audio from working properly.
      • Clear your browser cache of cookies and reopen the site.
      • Update your web browser to the latest version.
    • If you’re using a dedicated sound card, be sure to update its drivers.
    • Reboot your computer and try to play audio again.

    To learn more about how to optimize yourself for Telehealth, I'd recommend the following guide in our Help Center: Telehealth FAQs

    Please feel free to reach out if you want me to look in to a particular session or if you need anything else.

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