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Stripe Transactions from 7/2




  • Gillian

    Hi Michael, because of the holiday weekend, some payouts may have been delayed - the typical turnaround time is 2 business days, according to your account settings for Online Payments. Let us know if you're still not seeing these payouts in your account now that it's been a few business days. 

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  • Julie Griffin

    Does stripe send n email to me for online payments or do I need to set up account with them to monitor my daily revenue. I don't see anything on simple practice that does a daily tally.


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  • Gillian

    Hi Julie, you can monitor your daily revenue by checking the Card Transactions report under Billing on the left-hand side of SimplePractice. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this, or anything else SimplePractice. I'm here to help.

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  • Rachelle Folino

    I needed to see if a client made a payment back on July 12th.  When I went into my Stripe account it doesn't show anything for the last 3+ months.  Latest transaction was in March.  I wanted to double check and make sure that Simple Practice had it right as last month a client was charged twice and Simple Practice only reflected one payment.  

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  • Gillian

    Hi Rachelle, have you had a chance to reach out to our Success team to look into this? You can do so by clicking the red Get Help bubble in your SimplePractice account. Let me know if you'd like me to create a Help request for our team on your behalf. 

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  • Rachelle Folino

    No.  I will do that now.  Thank you.


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  • Ray Williams

    I am pretty new to this.  On the billing page, the card transaction reported, the little bubble that shows up the first time says the date listed right after the client name is the date the transaction hit my bank account, but my checking account doesn't reflect the transactions even a couple days later.  

    Two questions - Is there a report that shows pending vs cleared card transactions so we can see that it is in progress? If the transactions were bundled into a larger transaction, perhaps a daily summary.  

    Am I doing this correctly?  I billed the cards on the client page, left side as a stripe transaction.  One required I input the card info as it wasn't on file.  I assumed this was correct.  

    Thanks so much for the work you guys do.  I can see how this is going to really help me to focus on clients and spend less time on the business side.  Just need to learn what I'm doing.  

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  • Lucila

    I can definitely provide some clarity here. If a payout hasn’t arrived according to its expected delivery date, there can be several reasons as to why:

    • 7-day delay for the first payout on an account: There is a mandatory 7-day waiting period for the first payout for all new Stripe accounts. Once this 7-day hold is satisfied, payouts will resume according to the account’s payout schedule.

    • Payout failed: There are a number of reasons why a payout might fail when attempting to deposit into a bank account. See Payout failures for more information and how to remedy the issue.

    • The payout date was offset by a weekend or a holiday: Weekends and holidays can shift the deposit date beyond the expected due date. If the deposit date lands on a weekend or a holiday, the payout should land the following business day.

    • The payout amount was offset by refunds: Sometimes refunds can outnumber the positive balance of a payout and result in a withdrawal, rather than a deposit. Check the Payout reports for details on the contents affecting each payout.

    The Payouts report on the Insights page details all of the credit card charges processed through your account. You can see the following details pertaining to each charge:

    • Date of the charge
    • Status of the charge
      • If the Status is Failed, hover over the iinformation icon to learn the details of the failure.
    • The Bank/Card used for the charge
    • The Description of the charge
    • The Arrival
      • This is the date your payout will arrive in your bank account. For pending or in transit payouts, this date is the expected date.
    • The Amount of the charge

    For detailed information performance reports, please refer to this Help Center guide: Insights: Analytics and reports for your private practice.

    To keep a cards card on file, you'll want to input a client's card on their Edit Details page. You'll want to click Edit Details at the top of the file then click the Billing and Insurance tab. On the Billing and Insurance tab, enter the client's card under Credit &Debit cards and hit Save client at the bottom of the page.

    You can also request credit card information that will auto-populate into the client file. Learn how to request a credit card here: How to request credit card information via the Client Portal.

    For additional questions on Stripe payments, you can view this guide: Online Payments FAQs.

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  • Kristie Laviska


    I have set up a Stripe account and linked to my bank account.  I charged a client two weeks ago and he notified that his card has been charged, however, the funds are not in my account.  Contacted the bank to determine if they were in process and nothing is showing on that end.  Please advise next steps.



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  • Ayelette

    Hi Kristie,

    We'd be happy to help with this. Because this is specific to your account, I’ve created a help request on your behalf so that a member of our Success team can investigate this for you further. They’ll be reaching out to you with more information over email.

    For future reference, the quickest way to get support for account-specific questions is to send us a help request by clicking the blue question mark icon on the lower right of your SimplePractice account > clicking Get Help. For more details, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Logging in to SimplePractice and submitting help requests.

    Although we're periodically monitoring the Community Forum, this is also a place for customers to exchange ideas and engage with one another on how to best use our platform. Thank you all for acting as resources for each other in the meantime.

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