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Exporting demographic/insurance data



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    Hey Alyssa, 

    I hope you're having a great Wednesday. It sounds as though you've generated a Contacts export in the Data Export area. 

    Navigate over to your Data Export tab in your Settings

    Next, you'll want to be sure that you generate a 'Complete' export for the individual client file you'd like to generate data and information for. 
    (just adjust the Client: tab to the particular client in the second bar below) 

    Should you ever decide to cancel your account with us, you'll want to generate a 'Complete' export with 'All Clients', as exactly shown in the image above. A 'Complete' export gives you all documentation and data. If you specify this for 'All Clients' in the second bar, you will get a complete export for all client records within your account. An individual client listed here will only give you data for that specific client. 


    For more information on exporting client data, both individually and for all clients, take a look at this guide: Data export: Exporting client information


    Please let me know if you have any other questions. 


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