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Adding a Note Not Associated with a Client Visit




  • Lucila

    I can definitely provide some assistance here. To add a Discharge Summary Note on a client's file without attaching it to a session:

    1. Go to My Account > Settings, then click Notes and Forms in the left hand column under Practice Settings.
    2. Select the Template Library tab and locate the Discharge Summary Note.
    3. Click the ​+ icon to add it to your My Notes and Forms section.
    4. Now click the eye icon to open a preview of the Discharge Summary Note.
    5. Fill out the form in preview mode. When you're done, click Print to save the document as a PDF to your computer.
    6. Next, navigate to the client's Overview page. Go to the Uploaded Files box in the right hand column. Click Upload New to upload the PDF.

    Here is a visual guide about saving a discharge summary: Saving a Discharge Summary in a client’s file.

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  • Tara D'Orazio

    Is it possible to just have this added to the "Create New+" option? I don't much like downloading sensitive client documents (PDF) to my computer. I know I could just erase it afterward but still, this seems like an addition step and I'm not quite sure I'm understanding why it can't just be available to add like the MSE and Treatment Plan. 

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  • Kristina Casola

    Hi Tara, I created a separate code and make an "appointment" for these kinds of contacts, they don't have a fee or that can be manually adjusted in the appointment window. This way it's still accounted for and in the record. Hope this helps

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  • Reina Olivera

    The only work around this that I found is adding another appointment for the client in order to add another note. Has anyone found any other options?

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  • Stacie McLean

    I made a service code that is described as "documentation; client not present" and I use that to create an appointment and attach a document.

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