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deleting ROI




  • Official comment

    Hi Theresa, 

    I am happy to clarify further. Due to the need for accurate record keeping, it is not possible to delete the previous ROI document. There is no functionality in place to delete intake documents once they have been entered.

    That said, to make it clearer, you can write a note on the ROI document itself by opening the document from the client's overview page and using the notes section at the bottom. This would allow the note to be present if you were to export the ROI.

    Alternatively, you can add a chart note referring to the discrepancy between the two documents. For your convenience, here is a guide about Using chart notes.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I'm happy to help. 

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  • Susan Valentine

    I created a ROI for a specific client and somehow it ended up in my list of forms when I am sending forms to a new client.  When I go to My Account, settings, Notification the form is not there.  It only shows up when I am sending forms to clients.  I really need to get it off that list it has the client's name on it.  

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  • Gillian

    Hi Susan, you can delete or archive an Intake Questionnaire template under My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms.

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  • Susan Valentine

    It’s not on that list. It only shows up when sending forms to new clients under client items.

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  • Talena (Tina) Odell

    How do you send an additional ROI.  I sent one and now need another, but it won't allow me to?  

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  • Ruth

    Hi Talena,

    You won't be able to resend a form that your client hasn't completed and signed yet. If you'd like to send them another ROI before they complete the original one sent, you can go to your Settings > Notes & Forms and click the + icon next to the ROI to duplicate it. Now go back to your client's file, hit Share in the top right corner and send them the duplicate version of the ROI. 

    If you'd like your client to complete the original form sent, they can always log back into their Client Portal, navigate to the Documents tab and complete a form. You can click on the messaging icon to the top right of your client's file to send them a Secure Message instructing them on how to complete their forms, the Secure Message will generate a notification email with a Client Portal login link. 

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  • Jody Saltzman

    How do I send a second ROI?  The client received the first ROI, filled it out correctly and it is in their "completed" list.  But, now things have changed and I need to share/receive information with a new practitioner that was not listed on the first ROI.  When I try to share a new ROI, the box is checked to the left of the ROI with a gray check and I cannot remove it.  Surely most practitioners end up sending out multiple ROIs to the same client.  How is this accomplished in Simple Practice?  Thank you!  

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