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exporting demographic data



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  • Gillian

    Hi Catherine, I'd be happy to help further with this. It looks like you're working with my colleague Brennan already. Here are instructions for opening a Vcard file on your Windows 10 laptop:

    A vCard (a file with a .vcf extension) is a digital business card that you can share with other people as you would a paper business card. A vCard can contain one or many contacts in a single file. If you receive a vCard attached to an email message, you can save the contents of the vCard as contacts. vCards must have the .vcf extension to be imported.

    1. Open the folder that contains the vCard. vCards always have the .vcf file name extension.

    2. Double-click the file.

      The vCard opens in a Contacts window.

    3. On the Contact tab, click Save & Close.

      If the vCard has multiple contacts, only the first contact will appear in the window in Outlook. However, each contact in the vCard will be saved individually.

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