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Drop Down list in Creating forms




  • Alec

    Hi Sanjeev

    The Short Answers (Question Groups) feature has been deprecated from our Create New Template software functionality, but still remains in certain pre-made templates. Similar custom template functionality can be accomplished by adding a header, and then adding single line questions from the Create New Template page.

    This workflow involves selecting the Add New button to select the Section Header option from the dropdown and then selecting the Add New button again to add your questions with the Short Answer (Single Line text) option. You can then create your desired amount of questions that will appear under the Section Header similarly to the Short Answers (Question Groups) functionality. 

    Below are screen shots of the process from the Create New Template Screen:
    What your client will see in the Client Portal:

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we can assist further.

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  • Jenny Evans

    Wait, this doesn't answer the question really. It does in that the answer is "we took it away" but the suggestion to use "Short Answer (Single Line text)" doesn't give you the same options as the "question group." 

    You can have to pick between "it's totally blank and you write in" or "here's a drop down menu but you can't modify." You kind of approximate the group questions using the multiple choice (check boxes) with free text but you can't edit that like you can with the "group questions."

    The real answer on how to get it is to start with one of their templates that has a group question and then just modify everything around it. Since they make you completely re-invent the wheel with every question you make (can't copy questions or items etc like every other basic questionnaire software does...) it's not any more hassle to rework their existing template than it would be to build your own from scratch. 

    I don't know why they eliminate useful features without replacing them. I find their templates very, very limited : /

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  • Sanjeev Singhal MD

    No it does not. It was very useful feature that is there is some old template. they are not going to bring it back either unless few hundred people vote on it. That is one of few frustrating part of using Simple Practice. As you mentioned copying a section of template to paste into another would make it so much more useful.

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    I agree that this was a useful tool and I would prefer to have the option of it. The new workaround does not give you the same feature.

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  • Lori Pandolfo

    I agree - it would be helpful to have this option re-instated. Please consider doing this as it makes for a less-laborious form for certain types of note-taking. Please return this feature.

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  • Leila Durr, PhD

    What exactly is the "Short Answers (Question Groups)"??  I've been creating my own template and I can't seem to figure out what it would be useful for and/or how it works from the client's perspective??

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  • Dr.Celeste Conlon

    Please bring back Short Answer question groups with dropdown option. This allows questionnaires to be much more compact. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Thank you for contributing to this post and voicing your suggestion to bring back our Short Answer (Question Groups) option on forms. You can add this suggestion to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here:

    For the time being, I'd suggest copying a template that has this answer form, like the PHQ-9, and building your template off of it. You can add the PHQ-9 form from My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms > Template Library. Then you can click the + icon with a square around it to make a duplicate of the form. Click on the form's title to edit it. 

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