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Log-In Activity on “Activity” page?




  • Alex P.

    Hi Rebecca,

    To review a client's log in activities, you can navigate to the client's Overview page, click the Edit Details button, and select the Client Portal tab. From there, you'll be able to see the date and time of the client's most recent log in under the Client Portal Access section.


    You can also determine whether or not a client has interacted with any documents that have been shared with them by viewing the Shared with Client section of the client's Overview page, which will show whether a document has been sent to a client, or if the client has viewed or completed that form.

    If you're looking to review the log in history of another SimplePractice team member, you can find this by navigating to My Account > Settings > Team Members and reviewing the time listed in the Last Login column on the right side of that page.

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  • April D. Lincoln

    How can we print an activity log?  I would like to be able to print a complete activity.

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  • Jason McKinney

    I recently had a client "no-show" and the person claimed they logged on but I wasn't there. I used the above approach to see the last log in, which was 51 minutes after our scheduled appointment time. This doesn't tell me if they also signed in 30 minutes late, 20 minutes late, etc... Having a report that includes all client log on dates and times would be helpful. 

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  • Patrice Dumas

    I agree with the above statements. Recently, a client no showed as well and are claiming that they signed in for the appointment. I see the most recent login in the portal but it coincides with the message that she sent me regarding the missed appointment, so I still have no idea whether or not she signed in at the time she claims she did or not. Also financial documentation that was previously there is gone, but still no way of knowing whether or not the person went into the portal and updated their information makes a difficult conversation to have.  A report that details the logins would be very helpful in my opinion as well.



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