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release for information send by email




  • Deborah Maxwell

    I am looking for a release of information form.

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  • Rochelle Mishkin

    Do you have a release of information form?  

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  • David Najera

    Are the Release of information in Simple Practice HIPAA compliant?  The guidelines stated that the font on the releases has to be 14 pt. How can I create a HIPAA compliant Release of information? 

    Thank you, 

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  • Sandra Dorros

    What is the answer to the above question?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi everyone,

    You can find Release of Information templates under My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms > Template Library > scroll down to Intake Forms.

    For information on our HIPAA-compliance, feel free to review our Trust and Security page. For details on legal guidelines in your area, we recommend reaching out to your local legal authority.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Caren,

    I see that our Success team was able to resolve your request. Feel free to let us know if you have any more questions.

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  • Diane Dempcy

    Hello, how do I  send  multiple ROI's for my client's different providers?  Looks like I can only send it once and it is not duplicable once they receive it.  Thanks.

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  • Sandra Naylor


    I had an attorney create 5 documents for me to send to my clients. I don't see where I can send an email and include attachments, please provide some instructions since I am not using your forms.  Thank you!

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