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Couples billing - Can cash payments be split between two accounts?



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  • Alex P.

    Hi Laurel,

    While there isn't a set way to split up a single cash or check payment between two clients' SimplePractice accounts once that payment has been entered into one client's account, you could instead choose to enter this payment as two separate payments - one payment for each client.

    For example, if a client paid you with check for $150 that was intended to cover $100 of their own payments and $50 of the other client's payments, you could enter this as one $100 check payment for the first client and another $50 check payment for the second client. For more information about the various ways to add or record a payment, click here.

    After entering these payments to each client's Billing page, you could add an administrative note to each client's account in order to take note of where each payment came from so that you have this information on file for your own records.

    If you are instead looking to charge both individual clients in a couple for a shared couples appointment, you could instead create two sets of recurring appointments that alternate between listing the first individual as the "primary client" and the second individual as the "primary client." 

    In a couples appointment, the first client listed on that appointment will be marked as the "primary client." The primary client will be billed for the session and all billing documents will be made in that client's name.

    For example, if you were to see two separate clients named John and Jane, you could set one set of recurring appointments listing John as the primary client for the first and third weeks of the month, and another set of recurring appointments listing Jane as the primary client for the second and fourth weeks of the month.

    This way, John will pay the first week, Jane will pay the second week, and so forth. With this solution, the amount that each client pays for these couples appointments will even out every other session.

    You can learn more about creating couples appointments here.

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