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Credit Card Processing




  • Official comment

    Hello David,

    When a client is enrolled in AutoPay and the credit card fails, the system will notify you on the Reminders page. If AutoPay fails to charge the card three times, AutoPay will be disabled. 

    We have a Help Center resource that can assist you in troubleshooting AutoPay issues here: AutoPay FAQ

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • David Massey

    Hello Mike,

    So I found part of the problem.  We are a group practice and I am the biller for the group.  The decline does not show up on my reminders - it does show up on the clinicians reminders.  Our clinicians don't handle billing at all.  

    Why would it not be showing up under my reminders?  Is there some setting I need to adjust somewhere?  

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  • Christopher Taylor

    Hi David! We have a similar issue and a similar set up. I run a morning audit every day from the insights page to check for "unpaid" session. The other issue we ran into a while back was not have the invoices set up to auto populate every day. Of course, this creates some issues with insurance. Would love to connect and learn how you are doing thins.

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  • Steven Scott

    does SP use First Data or TSYS for CC processing?

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  • David Massey

    Neither, it uses Stripe.

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  • Julia Overlin

    I just posted under "Autofills for Credit Cards" a concern that my personal cc information could pop-up as providing alternates to clients w/in SP trying to simply update their credit card on file. When. helping them do so manually this has occurred and I have associated it w/ autofill/saved info aligned w/ my personal laptop on which I work when helping them. However, it was cause for concern that they might see my personal info (being both are aligned w/ SP) also outside of session subsequent to husband having been notified of credit card fraud this morning. Anyone else know if this has been addressed specifically? I have not found anything w/in SP policies directly speaking to this as a concern or "thought of ahead of time by SP" issue re cc security/personal cc data protection for providers.

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  • M. N. Gallegos

    I have processed CC for payments through stripe CC method.  The payments state pending.  I don't know why/how to transport transactions to my banking account.  I have all of the information correct for cc payment methods to auto transfer to my banking account each night.

    Any suggestions?

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