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Insurance payments




  • Official comment

    Hi Chasity,

    I’ve reached out to you privately addressing these questions, as there is some additional information specific to your enrollment. Please let me know if you have any other questions by responding to the email thread I have started with you. Thank you.

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  • Chasity Maryland

    When I posted the original comment, someone from Simple Practice responded and looked into it for me. If they haven't reached out to you from this thread, try and post the comment on your own thread, it will notify a representative and someone should reach out to you via email. They emailed be back and checked into it for me and everything is correct, now. They're really good with helping, I promise. Good luck to you all!

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  • Jacob Lawrence

    I have 4 submissions to BCBS that haven't been paid yet it says it's accepted. 


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  • Gillian

    Hi Jacob, have you had a chance to check with the insurance payer regarding the status of these claims?

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  • Sara Hoke

    Hey all!

    I have had some seriously backlogged BCBS claims. I received 3 payments from them last week, but those payments are not being rejected in my Simple Practice information. I started going through the arduous process of reviewing the status of al claims in Availity to see where the funds need to be allocated. 

    Who should I reach out to about this?


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  • Kevin C. Lambert, Psy.D.

    Hello!  I am a group practice owner and we rely on Simple Practice to accurately update balances to accounts when BCBS payments go through.  It would be an admin nightmare to do it manually.  Unfortunately, BCBS payments received after May 5th are not showing up on our account.  One of my directors noticed Simple Practice account owners are complaining about this on the Simple Practice Facebook Community page so there appears to be an issue with Eligible, Inc. or Simple Practice's communication with BCBS about payments being processed. Either way, please let us know what is being done to fix this serious accounting problem and advise whether there is anything I can do for my team in the meantime.  Thanks! Kevin

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  • Colin Wolf

    I have this same issue with BCBS payments showing up in my bank account, but not showing up in SimplePractice since early May. Seems like this has been a known issue. When will a fix be found and applied? This is a significant reason that I use SP: integration with insurance billing. Thanks! Colin

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  • Hope Ashby


    I clearly see that there has been a pattern of payments not syncing with SP from BCBS but I also have claims outstanding for United Healthcare (Optum) and Group and Health ADministrators.  WE are talking about 119, 120 days; it says that it's processed but not paid.  If they are truly not paid then I need to see where my money is. 

    Please get back to me ASAP.


    Dr. Ashby

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Dr. Ashby,

    We'd be happy to help with this. Because this is specific to your account, I’ve created a help request on your behalf so that a member of our Success team can investigate this for you further. They’ll be reaching out to you with more information over email.

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  • Jaime Taylor

    I am having the same problem as everyone else. I have been paid, but the payments are not being reflected in Simple Practice. It would be a nightmare to try and put it all in myself at this point. Seems like it all stopped Sept of 2020; prior to that, it was updated on the client's record just fine.

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  • Gillian

    Hi Jaime, if you previously were receiving Payment Reports but are no longer receiving them, we'd be happy to look into it. It looks like you've already created a Help request for our team, and we'll reach out to you privately via email to assist. 

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  • Karen Wright

    I'm having the same issue; since December 2020 all of my submitted BCBS of IL claims are "accepted", but the payments aren't being updated. Can someone help me please? Thank you!

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  • Gillian

    Hi Karen, thanks for reaching out to our team directly about your Payment Reports not posting - it looks like you're working with Sarah from our Success team. We'll reach out to you via email with more information as it's available. 

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  • Susan Jaros

    Can I get concrete answers about what's going on with payments not posting?  Is this on your end?  Do I need to do something?  It's very frustrating to dig through comments and not find any answers other than the comment will be forwarded to the SP 'Success' Team.  

    This is happening very RECENTLY, not from a year ago.  Thx!~

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  • Mary Rivera

    i'm having the same problem with BCBS payments not posting to SS.  In Availity it states it was paid and finalized  but i yet to see it posted onto SS.

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  • Rosemary Magana

    I have the same issue

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  • Kate K. Newby

    Simple practice was updating my BCBS payments in March and now they are not. I have to do it manually and it's very frustrating and I have to go to Availity to cross-reference the check number and claim. Can someone please help me figure out why this has changed? Is this a BCBS problem, Availity, Simple Practice or a clearing house issue? Please advise.

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