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  • Dustin

    Hi Robin,

    The W-9 form is something that insurance payers will sometimes request from providers during the paneling/credentialing process or when you are attempting to enroll in direct deposit (EFT). This is something that you'll want to submit directly to the insurance company in the format that they have requested it in and will be done completely outside of SimplePractice. SimplePractice does not play a role in the paneling/credentialing process or in the set up of EFT. 

    I would recommend that you contact provider services and ask to speak with a live representative in oder to determine the correct format for submitting a W-9 to the insurance company. Otherwise, could you clarify why you're being asked to submit the W-9 form. This way, I may be able to provide additional assistance. Thank you. 

    Please give this a try and let me know if you run into any trouble in the process.

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  • Robin Windsor

    I have already been through the credentialing process with this insurer and enrolled in EFT, so that's why I was confused about this company asking for a W-9.

    Thanks for your response!

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  • Echo Wentz

    I also have a request for this.  I am credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield but this is coming from another state's BCBS plan.  I thought my credentialing would be communicated across state lines, but it appears it is not, at least in this case.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Echo and Robin, as Dustin mentioned, we don't handle insurance payments (EFTs), or the credentialing process. Since most insurance payers request a W-9 when dealing with a credentialing issue, or when a provider wants to change their payment method to EFTs, you'll want to work with the insurance payer directly to find out why you're being asked for a W-9 and how you can submit it. 

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