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session reminders to include office location




  • Official comment

    Hi Kathleen,

    I can definitely add some clarity here. To ensure that client reminders show the address of the session, you'll want to navigate to My Account > Settings > Client Reminders.

    Then, select "Practice Full Office Address" in the second macro dropdown: 



    Moving forward, the address in the reminder will populate based on the location you've assigned the appointment to. 

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  • Renee Roth Powers

    I noted when reviewing the intake forms that in addition to text and email appointment reminders, patients can choose voice reminders. I want to confirm that Simple Practice provides this service if offered? If not is there a way to remove this option? I cannot call each person who requests a voice reminder. 

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  • Marlina

    Hi Renee,

    Both voice reminders and text reminders are completely free and included in your SimplePractice account. These are automated by our system and no extra step is needed on your end.


    Just in case, here is our guide for Setting Up Client Reminders.

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  • Robin Avery

    For my telehealth clients I don't want my home office address displayed in the client portal  or in appointment reminders because of privacy concerns.  How do I do this?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Robin,

    The addresses that appear on your Client Portal are those that have been entered under Settings > Practice Details. You can customize the addresses listed for each office as needed. In addition, for the Telehealth Video Office, you do not need to include any street address.

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  • William J. Selfridge

    Is there a way for clients to choose video or in office through the booking application?  With the gradual return to in office this is an issue.  Right now I can only designate an available slot os in office or virtual.  I would like clients to be able to choose when they book their own appt.

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  • Kathleen Hennessey LICSW

    Hi John,

    In your availability put two spots in the same hour. One spot will be virtual and the other will be the office. That way the open spots will be open for both locations.

    Hope that helps.

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  • William J. Selfridge

    Thank you Kathleen.

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  • Jan Dilley

    This answer is outdated according to the current format.  My question is regarding the locations being confused (but information correct under My Locations) in the reminder email.  Can someone please connect with me on this issue? 


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  • Tara M. Sobrio

    It seems that a client received an email reminder that included the wrong office address!  We have a second office that we rarely use, where the client was verbally told to meet.  The appointment location was set at "Unknown," but the client stated that the email listed the one and only office location we have saved in settings.  Was this a glitch?  The email template only uses {practice_full_name} as the macro:


    Hi {client_first_name},

    This is a reminder that you have an appointment with {clinician_full_name} at {appointment_time} on {appointment_date}.  Please contact {clinician_first_name} with any questions or changes.

    Add to your Calendar:



    Maybe the office address was not in the actual email, but was included in the {appointment_reminder_links}?  I haven't tested this...

    Update:  I tested it, and yes, it is the {appointment_reminder_links} that has the address imbedded.  The event in the client's calendar (iCloud, Google, Outlook) had the default office address, even though the location in the appointment was selected as "Unknown."

    The next test would be how/if the address within the {appointment_reminder_links} would change if the appointment location was set to a different office...


    OK, so aI tested that.  It works fine.  The only issue is that if the location in the appointment is left to "Unknown," the {appointment_reminder_links} still lists a location, namely the "default" office (whatever that is...)  This is a minor bug/issue that SP could fix, but probably won't.  

    So there you go, in case anyone wanted to know...

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