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Re-sending a document




  • Gillian

    Hi Hillery, to remove a shared Intake Form from the client's Portal and share it again, you can click the X button next to the Intake Form under the Shared With Client section on the client's Overview page. Then, click the Share button on the same page to resend the form. 

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  • Hillery Keith

    Thank you - I was able to figure it out!  I appreciate the response.


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  • Janet Heilbronn

    Hello!  I am unable to resend intake forms - there is no "x" to delete so I can resend - help?

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  • Lena Sheffield

    I have several clients who have not responded to my telehealth consent form. Since it was already sent I can't figure out how to send it again.  They are not going to find it in an email from weeks ago.  


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  • Ruth

    Hi Lena and Janet, 

    I can certainly clarify this for you.

    1. Navigate to the SHARED WITH CLIENT box to the right of your client's file.

    2. If a client hasn't completed a form you've sent them, then you'll see an X next to the form title. Click on the X to delete the form.

    Here is a screenshot: 

    3. Click the Share button to the top right corner of the client's file, check the box next to the form to resend it. 

    4.If your client has completed the form, then you won't see the X in the SHARED WITH CLIENT box, but you'll be able to resend the form anyways.

    Lastly, your clients can always complete forms that you've sent them by logging into their Client Portal. 


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  • Sally Lemos

    Once I click the x next to the form, it disappears I don't know how to indicate which of my forms I'm wanting to resend. Can you help

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  • Rachel Greenberg

    I continue to send forms to new clients and I have heard several times that the forms expired and it was within 12 hours of being sent. Can my expiration dates for the forms be extended for a few days? What’s the longest amount of time until expiration? How can I change this? Thank you

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  • Rachel Greenberg

    Is there a number to call to ask questions? Please email me at any info to help with forms expiring to soon. Thank you

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  • Jeanne White

    And I assume when press "X" you are deleting the form?  Or does that just release you to send the same form again, but you still keep the uploaded form?

    Because what if you want to send a new Release of Information form to a different agency or professional but still want to keep the other one in place?  

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  • Ruth

    Hi All - Once you've clicked the X next to the form in the SHARED WITH CLIENT box, you'll need to resend them the form by clicking the Share button to the top right corner of their client file. You can also click the Share New link in the SHARED WITH CLIENT box. 

    It sounds like some of you are referring to the Client Portal Invitation Link expiring. When you send clients your intake packet for the first time, you're also sending them an invitation link to the Client Portal, where they'll complete the forms. However, the invitation link is a one time use link. After this initial invitation link, clients will need to enter their email address in the Client Portal form field to generate a new login link. They'll always be able to access any forms, or documents you've sent them in the past, but any old login links they used (including the Client Portal invitation link) won't work anymore. 

    Here's a breakdown of how the Passwordless Login works: 

    The Passwordless Login is a unique one-time use link that is only accessible through the client's email on file. 

    It automatically expires in 24 hours, or after being clicked on once. The Client Portal Invitation link is the only login link that doesn't expire in 24 hours, it only expires once it's been used.

    Clients will be logged out and prompted to generate a new link after 15 minutes of inactivity on the Client Portal, even after having logged in. 

    Expired Link:

    If the client accidentally clicks an expired or used Sign In link, they will not be able to log into their Client Portal and will automatically be sent a new link to use via email. 

    If the link expires again, the client will need to request a new Sign-In link manually.

    This guide goes into more detail on the Passwordless Login.

    For your clients, I'd recommend forwarding this resource to help them login: Getting started guides for clients: How to log in to the Client Portal.

    Lastly, although we periodically monitor the Community Forum to help answer questions, this is also a place for customers to share best practices and ideas on how to utilize SimplePractice. We're always looking for new ways to support our customers, but don't currently have a direct phone number. The quickest way to get in touch is by submitting a Help Request. Any questions regarding particular clients, or account settings also are best addressed through Help Requests. Click here to submit a help request: SimplePractice Help Request Form.

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  • Alexandra Roth

    Hello. Could you update these instructions from three years ago? There are no Xs next to shared items.

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  • Alexandra Roth

    It would be really great if you dears at SP would take down conversations that refer to previous editions of SP. Everything described in this thread is no longer visible when using SP 2023; it is just confusing and has to be waded through without benefitting.

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