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Tracking Therapist Payroll



  • Official comment

    I would definitely recommend reaching out to the payer to set up electronic fund transfers (EFTs) if you haven't already. EFTs can decrease the time it takes to receive funds once an insurance payer processes your claims. 

    Another step many group practices take is to implement a delay in between the time you lock your pay periods and the time you issue payroll to your team. For example, you can lock a pay period on Friday, then issue payments to your team the following friday. This provides extra time to receive the actual funds from insurance payers and process payroll on your end.

    We understand that group practice payroll can be a complex task, and I wanted to provide some resources from our Blog that can help:

    Please let me know if you have additional questions. I will be happy to help.

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  • Yolanda Winfield

    I hope there is a solution for this as well. I have to use my own spreadsheets to correctly calculate payroll. We are switching to Quick Books in an effort to make payroll easier, so it is disappointing to find out that its not going to be any better. 

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  • Barbara J. Kohler

    Yes, the payments are received electronically. Thank you for your response.

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