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  • Patrick D. Tully

    I created a SPIN template based on what I found online. There were a few resources that were helpful. I added a disclaimer that the test alone is not enough to create a diagnosis (Trying to let people know that a mental health professional needs to examine the answers in context):

    This took hours to research and to create. It would be so useful to copy questions so one wouldn't need to re-create each one from scratch every time. Having options to format text, such as having an ability to add bold-print to a part of a statement would be useful, such as "in the past week," etc. Also, being able to change the size of text would be useful because I feel the text is too large for the screener I duplicated.

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  • Michael J. Telch, Ph.D.

    Dear SP:

    I agree that the SPIN should be added.  I also have included my published social anxiety measure (Assessment of Social Concerns; Telch et al.2004; Heimberg et al., 2006) which focuses on providing the clinician more fine-grained information on the patient's faulty social-evaluative threat beliefs which provides key information in tailoring CBT treatment for a social anxiety patient. The two published validation articles appear below. I am the owner of the scale and I agree to allow SP to include my scale in their list of measures.  If you have any questions feel free to call me at (512) 560-4100.

    Telch, M., Lucas, R., Smits, J., Powers, M., Heimberg, R., Hart, T. (2004). Appraisal of Social Concerns: A cognitive assessment instrument for social phobia Depression and Anxiety 19(4), 217-224.

    Schultz, L., Heimberg, R., Rodebaugh, T., Schneier, F., Liebowitz, M., Telch, M. (2006). The Appraisal of Social Concerns Scale: Psychometric Validation With a Clinical Sample of Patients With Social Anxiety DisorderBehavior Therapy 37(4), 392-405. 

    The actual scale can be found in the Appendix of the first publication (Telch et al, 2004).


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