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how to remove social security number off of invoice?




  • Official comment

    Hi Alex,

    I'd be happy to answer your question regarding your social security number on invoices. 

    You can do so by going to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Settings Tab, and making sure that the drop-down menu next to your entered Social Security Number is set to either display only on Superbills, or not at all:

    Let me know if I can provide any further clarification on this.

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  • Marie Bassil

    That drop down menu does not exist next to my SS # on that page?

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  • Bedford Palmer II

    I had this set for do not display, and I found my SSN now displayed on invoices and the box is no longer there. My clients have now been given access to my SSN due to a glitch with your system. This issue must be addressed immediately. 

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  • Carla Kucinski

    I just discovered this same thing today. I see today that I can go into my calendar to edit the invoice of today's clients and remove the ID from the invoice, but I also do not have a drop down menu option under the settings tab to not display it. Please help!

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  • Maya Rasak

    I don't see it either and would love to know how not to display my ss#


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  • Kate Nichols

    I would like to also know how to do this please?  I do not see the box any longer on my end either.  

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  • Brennan

    Hi everyone,

    I'd be happy to provide some clarification on this.

    Only Social Security numbers entered in the format XXX-XX-XXXX (dashes included) will give the option to hide or display this on Superbills and Invoices:

    If you've entered in your number with dashes included and the option still isn't showing up, please feel free to write into us via the Get Help button so that we can take a closer look.

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  • Raquel Hare


    I was updating my billing settings to remove my SSN from my invoices. I could not find a drop down box, nor does it explain if my clients automatically recieve an invoice emailed to them upon processing a payment. I would like some help on this matter soon!



    Raquel Hare

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  • Ruth

    Hi Raquel - Here to clarify! Invoices are generated manually, daily, or monthly depending on how you've set your automations in Settings > Billing & Services. If set to daily, invoices will generate the night of each appointment you hold with clients. If you want to automate billing notifications, you'll want to do this for all new clients in Settings > Billing & Services, or for pre-existing clients in their client file > Edit > Billing and Insurance. Invoices don't get sent depending on if payment was applied to them. Any invoices you've already generated, prior to changing your Invoice Settings, won't reflect this change. 

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  • Moksha Donohue

    I have changed my ss number but it is still showing up on invoices. Please help me get this information off of my bill.

    How did you even get my ss number? I do not remember putting that on my site!


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  • Ruth

    Hi Moksha, we don't fill out SSN numbers in customer accounts. Customers fill this information out on their own in Settings > Billing & Services. If new invoices you generate still have your SSN, then please reach out to us via Help Request so we can investigate your account. If you're referring to invoices generated prior to changing your settings, then, you're right, these invoices will not update, you'll need to delete them and recreate them. 

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  • Latisha McCoy


    I saw that there is no way for the SSN not to show on the invoice. I literally just sent out an invoice to my client with my SSN. I gave her an invoice just to state that she paid. What I did was just took My SSN off altogether. I took my business tax ID off as well. Should I not give out paid invoices?


    I notice across the board that client's information is protected, but the therapist doesn't have that same right. Just food for thought.

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  • Robin Greenberg

    Hello. Despite the conversations from 3 years ago, this is still a problem. I have been trying to remove my SSN from superbills, while leaving my LLC's EIN as the tax ID, and my SSN continues to show up. Client's need the tax ID in order to get reimbursement. Has anybody found a workaround for this? Or can Simple Practice please fix the glitch?  I got an email response with instructions, but it did not remedy the problem.

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