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    Hi Patty, 

    I'll be happy to help you with this. There is an additional account setting that you'll want to review to ensure that your clients no longer receive invoices. I've listed the steps below:

    1. Client Overview page, click on Edit Details 

    2. Select Billing and Insurance > navigate to Email Billing Notifications 

    3. Choose None from the dropdown menu 

    4. Click Save Client 

    I also recommend reviewing your Billing Documents for New Clients section to make sure this feature is turned off. You can review this by going to:

    1. My Account > Settings > Billing and Services 

    2. Scroll down to Billing Documents for New Clients 

    3. Set Email billing notifications to None 

    4. Click Save

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  • Amelia West

    As a follow up question... is there a way to do this for responsible billing party for minors?  Is there a way to do this across the board without having to go into each individual client's chart?

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  • Laura Barnes

    Why am I seeing credits on invoices that are listed as fee adjustments?



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  • Stephanie Citron

    I want to bill some clients an invoice manually only some of the time.  How do I do this?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Amelia,

    When a client has a contact added to their profile who is tagged as Responsible for billing, that party will receive any notifications that have been set on the client's profile under Edit > Billing and Insurance.

    To update your default billing document notification settings for new clients, you can review your settings under Settings > Billing and Services > under Billing Documents for New Clients.

    You can review the settings for existing clients by going to their Overview page > clicking Edit beneath their name > clicking Billing and Insurance. There is not a way make a global update to all existing client profiles.


    Hi Laura,

    When you receive electronic payment reports, the system will automatically update a client's billing to reflect the information received from the payer. If the payer indicated that the client owes less for a session than what was originally charged to them, the system will create a fee adjustment invoice to adjust the client's original fee and reflect a credit for the amount they no longer need to pay.

    To learn more about fee adjustment invoices, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Fee adjustment invoices.


    Hi Stephanie,

    Invoices are the building blocks of SimplePractice accounting. The Client Balance in a client's Billing Overview section on the top right of their profile will only update based on amounts actually charged to the client, i.e. invoiced, and amounts paid. To keep your client accounting up-to-date, we therefore strongly recommend invoicing all sessions.

    However, you are not required to send invoices to clients. To review your clients' billing document notification settings, feel free to review my guidance above.

    If you decide to manually create your invoices, you can review this setting under Settings > Billing and Services > in the Invoices Settings section.

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