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Deductibles charged to card on file




  • Matthew Flynn, Psy.D.

    I know from the insurance companies what the deducitble reimbursement rates are depending on the type of session it is 34, 46, 47, etc as this should be part of your contract with them. I do it and charge up front and not wait for the insurance company's report. If by way they have gone over the dedicutble amount when I get the report Ill credit their account but that usually takes a few months before that helps. Hope that helps as you are right in not wanting to wait.

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  • Danielle Mansfield

    I also remind them before the session that the card on file will be charged or offer if they would like me to use another card until the deductible has been met. I let them know when they are getting closer to meeting it. If needed I do allow sometimes for them to pay in two payments to help. I know many I have with BCBS have to pay for awhile until deductible has been met. The contract rate is still cheaper for them than what my actual charge is. 



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  • Ruth Trowbridge, MA, LPC

    I recommend to every client that they call their insurance company to ask about deductible and copay before arriving for 1st session. My disclosure spells out their responsibilities so there are no true surprises. However, yes, I have had clients make a fuss about the deductible, and I am happy to make a casual agreement about payments. I also remind them that my usual fee is much higher than the contracted rate, and most folks find that comforting. Reframe!

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