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Updating client info?




  • Gillian

    Hi Jillian, I'd be happy to help with your question. Currently, if the client has any insurance information entered under Edit Details > Billing and Insurance, they will not see any fields related to insurance information when you send them the Demographics Form. The best way to update insurance information and contact information for your clients is to do so manually by clicking Edit Details on the client's Overview page.

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  • Christal Esse

    Hi Gillian, 

    To clarify, there is currently no way for the client to update their insurance information without provider assistance on the patient portal? 

    But, they can update demographic information themselves via "edit details"? 

    Thank you, 

    Christal Esse 

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  • Karen Eggers

    I am also needing clarification on this question.  

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  • Amber

    Hi Christal and Karen,


    I'd be happy to clarify. Clients cannot update their own insurance information through the Client Portal if there is already insurance information entered for them. To update a client's insurance information, you can visit the client's Overview page, click Edit Details, then Billing and Insurance, and add the information there.



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  • Kristen Poppert

    Would love to know the answer as well for the demographic info. Thank you!

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  • Gillian

    Clients cannot update their own insurance information through the Client Portal if there is already insurance information entered for them. To update a client's insurance information, you can visit the client's Overview page, click Edit Details, then Billing and Insurance. If you'd like to manually update any of their other Demographic Information, you can do so under Edit Details > Client Info

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  • Ray Spero

    Can the client update their own Demographic info?

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  • Gillian

    Hi Judith, yes they can. Simply send the Demographic Form to the client through the Share button again and they can update their name, age, date of birth, emergency contact information and so on.

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  • Linda M. Perry

    please advise

    after I edit a client's info and click on save, a box comes up saving 'keep editing or exit and discard" I don' know why, it doesn't happen all the time so I must be doing something wrong.

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  • Kristen Poppert

    This happens to me frequently! Usually though I just double check that I did hit save and then it gives the same message and have to hit "discard changes" and it actually does save.  Something glitches there.

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  • Barbara Schmitz

    Hi Gillian,

    I'm interested in your answer above. When you share the Demographics Form with a client again in order to edit it, can they simply make corrections or do they have to re-do the entire form?


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  • Teri Karjala

    We've had clients express their frustration with our new EHR (Simple Practice). They just want to update their demo or ins information.

    So if I understand correctly, there is no way for clients to access their "Profile" or "Acct Information" (like most other online account platforms) to update their demo/ins.

    Our clients who *do not* have insurance on their Edit>Billing/Ins screen - still *do not* see anywhere to add their ins info when they get into the portal. 

    We get questions from clients every day asking how they can update their information. So I've learned from the comments above that intervention is required from the provider...

    1. Our staff has to either update it for the client (then why have a client portal at all?)

    2. Or our staff has to "share" demographics with the client again

    Fro a practice of over 300 clients, neither option is efficient and is a cumbersome step to take for every client who needs to update demo/ins info. 

    Hopefully and enhancement is in the works to change this such that clients can see their Account Profile and edit/update their demo, contacts, ins info, etc.


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  • Lisa R. Query

    I am switching to simple practice with established clients.  If I send them them the demographic form or resend it will they be able to enter their insurance information?
    Or will I need to manually do this for all of my clients?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Linda and Kristen,

    When you experience display or connection issues, I recommend clearing your browser cache. In most cases, if you haven't cleared your browser cache in a while, it can cause these types of issues and clearing your browser cache will solve these problems. To do this, you can follow the steps in our guide on Clearing your browser cache.

    If you continue to experience any issues with your account, please reach out to us from your account by clicking the blue question mark icon on the lower right > Get Help.


    Hi Barbara,

    When you re-share the Demographic Information form with a client, they can respond to the questions where they have new information and leave the other questions blank. When they leave a question blank, the information already in their profile will remain unchanged.


    Hi Teri,

    We love feedback and ideas for ways to advance the platform, and if you have a moment I encourage you to vote and add your comment to the Allow clients to update health insurance information in Client Portal idea which has been added to our Ideas and Suggestions board.

    Posting and commenting on our Ideas & Suggestions Board means that members of our Product Team, as well as all members of our Community, have transparent access to review your suggestion. This board is one of our most important resources for understanding which features will have the most value for our community.

    If you're curious, here's more information about how a customer idea can become a SimplePractice feature: Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.


    Hi Lisa,

    When you switch over to SimplePractice, you'll have the opportunity to send a Mass Document Request to all clients at once requesting various information, including their insurance information. When clients complete this form, their information will automatically populate into their profiles. To learn more about our switching process, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Switching to SimplePractice.

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  • Holly Finn

    Each time I have update a client's email address, it does not seems to matter and still sends any emails to their old address.  I didn't hear back from anyone from simple practice so I just tried to figure it out. Thought Id share what I saw about this: You have to go to "client portal features" to actually have it take effect. I'm glad I figured this out on this time sensitive issue, unfortunately, since it already sent to their other email address, it won't send the documents to the updated address. So I am not sure what to do now. Any advice from users?

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  • Carole A. Rumberger

    Go to the patient's overview page. Along the far right side is a section called "Shared with Client." Click Share New, and you can select the documents you want to send. 

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  • Tara M. Pandarinath

    Is there a way to clear out old insurance info? If the client can't update if there is info in there - can I just clear it out so they can start fresh? Trying to do this in my fake client account and it's not letting me leave "insurance payer" blank. 

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  • Marissa Mseitif

    Did I miss an update about client addresses no longer being required, collected or updated by the client anywhere, on any form? Is it supposed to be on the demographics form, because I'm having to ask my newly created insurance clients for their address. Providers cannot update the demographics form to require it as we wish, correct? So if an address is required for filing and we set them up as an insurance client, the client should not be allowed to complete the form without including their address. I assumed it was this way, but I must be wrong. Or something changed. It shouldn't be so complicated for clients to provide and update any and all of their information, requiring providers to come here to these support threads for help with silly info collection issues. I'm surprised by my experience.

    What is the current process, if any, for clients to provide initial and updated ADDRESS info?   

    Can the provider do anything to require an address? 

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  • Summer Davenport

    Greetings!  I continuously receive the same error after signing notes; which, occurs with approximately 50% of my notes.  After saving and signing the note, when I navigate off the page, I receive a message of "discard unsaved changes."  I copy the note just in case, navigate off the page, go back in and it all has saved.  Receiving this message is concerning and time consuming at this point.  Can this error be solved?  Thank you!

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