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  • Gillian

    Hi Karen, I'd be happy to help. If creating new email accounts for the biller isn't an option, you can add a modifier to the email address so that the biller can use the same email to create a profile with each account. It's free and easy to create a new email address, or add one to an existing domain. 

    Alternatively, if your biller's email address is biller(at)gmail(dot)com, you can add a + sign and any text (i.e. the name of the therapist) to the email address when inviting her as a Team Member to a SimplePractice account. For example, you can enter her email as biller+karen(at)gmail(dot)com for your SimplePractice account, and biller+othertherapist(at)gmail(dot)com for another therapist's SimplePractice account. Please note that this workflow works with Gmail accounts.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions about this, or anything else SimplePractice. I'm here to help.

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