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Macros in client emails??




  • David Miller

    ....And there it is.  I believe I have finally found the answer myself.  I went and used Safari browser instead and it worked.  So it appears Firefox is not the browser to use with SP

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  • Annita Regehr

    Firefox menu may hold the clue.  It may be helpful to contact Firefox support. I had problems finding the menu on my was NOT as described on Google search. Blindly searching and clicking on icons finally found what I needed.  


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  • Ayelette

    Hi David and Annita,

    I see this issue is resolved, which is wonderful to hear.

    For reference, for the best SimplePractice experience we recommend updating to the latest operating system and browser version for whichever device and browser you're using. In addition, Chrome is the preferred browser to use, however the latest versions of Safari and Firefox are okay as well.

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  • Randy J. McLaren

    I'm on a current browser, Chrome, and my OS is updated.  Is there a way to create a new macro and add it to the drop down list?  The macro I'd like to add is {clincian_phone number} to the Clinician dropdown.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Randy, you can add the "Clinician's Email" macro in Settings > Client Reminders and Settings > Client Portal > Emails; however, we don't have a macro for "Clinician's Phone Number." If you're interested in us adding this option, please add it to our Ideas and Suggestions Board here:  

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  • Jim Murphy LMFT CHWC (counselor/coach)

    Ruth, the addition of {clinician_phone_number} has been requested by many SP users, do you know when that feature will be added?

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  • Amy Robertson


    Is there a way to REMOVE a macro from a the client email that is set up already within Simple Practice? 

    I'm using the telehealth reminder, but I do not want a link for the video appointment because I am not using Simple Practice's telehealth platform.


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