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  • Ruth

    Hi Annie - I'm happy to help with this.

    You can grant Client Portal Access to a parent on behalf of their child, or grant them separate access in addition to their child's own unique Client Portal login. To do the later, both parent and child would need their own email addresses so they can access the Client Portal with their own logins, this option is most often utilized for adolescents.

    • Add the client as a "Minor" 
    • Enter the child client's information, including their email address in the Client tab to give them their own Client Portal login 
    • Add their parent's information, including email address, in the Contact tab
    • Click the Create & Continue button. 

    Then you'll be prompted to select the items you'd like to share the the Client and their Contact(s) that you've given Client Portal Access to. The intake documents sent to them will be separate and you can choose which documents should go to which recipient. Intake forms that are sent to Contacts will specify that the signatory agent is the type of Contact you indicated they were (guardian, parent, family member, other etc.) 

    If you've already created the client file.

    • Add the child client's email address by clicking Edit under their name and then adding it in the Client Info tab.
    • Then you'll want to navigate to the Contacts tab and enter their parent's information there.
    • Make sure that the parent has Client Portal Access
    • Or grant the parent Client Portal Access by clicking Manage > Client Portal & Billing.
    • Check the box to send invitation email and hit Save.

    Also, make sure that the child's Client Portal tab indicates that the child has Client Portal Access with their own email address. 

    Finally, go to the client’s Overview page. Go to the SHARED WITH CLIENT box and click Share New.

    You'll then have the option to select whom you want to share items with. Clicking the green arrow will deselect the person from receiving the item(s). Now click Continue to Share to select the forms and documents you'd like to share with the recipient. 

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