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Meet the SimplePractice team!



  • Gillian

    Hi, everyone! I'm Gillian, SimplePractice's Community lead. I work with our customers every day to help them solve their business problems. I'm passionate about helping health and wellness professionals optimize their workflows so they can provide transformative care to their clients.

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  • Brian

    Hello! I'm Brian, a Product Specialist at SimplePractice. I answer emails and chats, along with conducting screen share calls and presenting classes. I also provide insights to our developers about how we can improve the billing and payments features of the program. I love my job because I know that the work I do contributes to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people can get the care and guidance they need to grow and thrive.

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  • Alex P.

    Hi there! I'm Alex P., and I'm a Senior Product Specialist here at SimplePractice. You may recognize me from some of the videos you'll find throughout your account or our Help Center explaining how to use different features of our platform. I love working with our customers to help them get the most out of their SimplePractice experience, and I look forward to supporting the meaningful work that you do to improve the wellness of your practice's clients.

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  • Ruth

    Hi! I'm Ruth, a Product Specialist at SimplePractice. I also work with Gillian and Alex on helping answer your Community Forum questions. I'm an advocate of health and wellness, so I love being able to help our customers expand their practice and reach. Simplifying the administrative and business side of running a private practice is crucial to making sure clinicians can do what they do best, treat their clients. I'm happy to facilitate this through my work at SimplePractice. 

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