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Superbill 'Pay To' field




  • Jeremiah

    Hi Isaac,

    I understand that you're looking to update the "Pay to" option for your Superbills so that payments are made towards your clinic instead of the provider. While there's no way to update the "Pay to" option for all clients at once, you can follow the steps below to update the "Pay to" option for one client at a time so that all future Superbills are paid toward the clinic instead of the provider:

    1. Search for and select the client in your search bar.
    2. Click Edit > Billing and Insurance.
    3. Scroll down to the "Insurance Information" section and update the "For Superbills, send Payment to" dropdown menu to Practice.
    4. Scroll down and click Save Client.

    Now all of the future Superbills which you create for this client will have the "Pay to" option automatically made towards the clinic instead of the provider.

    For detailed information on how to do this, please refer to this Help Center guide: Changing "Make payments to" on a superbill.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this, please reach out and let me know.


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  • Sandy Wallace

    This would be good information to put in the instructions on entering billing information.

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  • David Hoffman

    So you have to toggle "pay to" clinic or parent responsible party (I have a child focused practices) for EVERY client?   Please fix this.  This is a terrible nuisance.   I should be able to just toggle responsible party for my clients who submit for insurance reimbursement and not need to go through 20 clients and individually toggle it, or go into each new client and toggle this.   Make sense?  

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  • Isaac Andrew

    David - I think SP is saying you can update the "Pay To" field for a client permanently.  I think I did find system-wide setting that affected all future clients and also changed it individually for current clients that needed a superbill (this was a while back).  Our practice doesn't use superbills much, just when they are asked for.  Hope that helps.

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  • David Hoffman

    I wish I could find it if there is a way to toggle that as default for every client.   I am not seeing it.  Hopefully someone will respond to this thread.  Thanks so much though for responding.   I get that it might be different for different clients, just always trying to cut down on bumps in the workflow. 


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  • Lotus Psychotherapy, LLC

    I have a question about superbills. I set up the auto superbill creation for several clients and they were supposed to receive it by the second of the month. One person said they have not received it. Can you tell me how to ensure the superbills are being automatically created? 

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