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Moving from individual provider to multi-clinician



  • Monika

    Hi Gina,

    I'd be happy to clarify this. The Professional Plan for Groups subscription in SimplePractice is designed for single business entities. We recommend it for group practices that have a group NPI and group tax ID, and each clinician using their individual NPI as their rendering NPI. Additionally, each group practice shares one Online Payments account, which is used for credit card processing.

    If you have team members or independent contractors who are planning on billing with their own NPI and tax ID, we recommend that they use separate SimplePractice accounts instead of being in the same group account. Keep in mind that this will change your pricing as well.

    If you have more questions about our group practice subscription, you can refer to this guide here: How do I know if a group practice is right for me?

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  • Robert Henninger

    we have a small group practice under a group npi.  There are four of us in the group and each of us is utilizing your free 30 day trial as individual practitioners. I am the president and one of the practitioners.  We should have signed up for a group practice from the start. We have all been practicing from home necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are 1/2 way through our free trial and spent the first week exploring and setting up 4 individual professional accounts. This week, (our second) we have started telehealth counseling with your product. Can we merge these four groups into one account at this point?  We are ready to submit billing as well and would appreciate discussing activating Stripe for processing.  Thank you!

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  • Ray C

    How do I verify every individual practitioners npi to make sure it is entered correctly in my group practice ?

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  • Stacy Pray

    How do I set up for Pre licensed clinicians under my group practice

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