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Can you integrate Zoom with simplepractice.




  • Gillian

    Hi Penny, I'd be happy to help. SimplePractice actually already features a fully integrated HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform that works with your Calendar and insurance billing seamlessly. You can upgrade your account to start using our Telehealth platform under My Account > Settings > Subscription Information

    Here's a guide on getting all set up:

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  • David Najera

    Do you offer Group meeting Telehealth? I run groups composed of 12 people, can Simple practice support Group Therapy Telehealth?  

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  • Gillian

    Hi David, we're actively working on this feature. You can subscribe to updates by voting on this Idea board post here:

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  • Shayla Hilt

    I would like to advocate for the following features for your video chat platform:

    *Add filters (like zoom) so we can look better on the screen :)

    *Add the time - I'd love to keep my eye on either the time or a timer on the screen during my sessions so I don't have to look away to keep track



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  • Gillian

    You can vote for these ideas at

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  • Zack Reed-Fier

    Hi Gillian, Is there an update on if the tele-health software will have group capabilities or what that time-frame would potentially be until being launched?

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  • Michael Bamba

    We have found the screen sharing function inadequate when working with clients are using a tablet or smartphone. If the provider shares a window, in this case a window on the desktop of a pdf, the client sees only a small thumbnail in the top right corner. Is there a way to switch what the client sees from the provider's video to the shared window so that they will see it full screen on their device?

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  • Tamara Sher

    My organization already subscribes to Zoom.  Is there a way to add the zoom invite information to an appointment reminder?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Tamara,

    There is not an automated way to embed another software's link into our appointment reminders, however you can use our Secure Messaging feature to securely message clients any information you need.

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  • Maria Serrao Britt

    I want to give you a HUGE thanks for adding the timer to the sessions!!!!@

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  • Catherine Crew

    I also want to give a big thanks for adding a timer to the sessions, what a helpful idea! I also wanted to share some feedback about the timer. I'm noticing that the timer starts exactly at the beginning of the appointment time, which in theory works, but in practice, it doesn't help me know what the exact start and end time of the session was. For instance, if a client signs in 3 minutes late, the timer has already been going for 3 minutes and doesn't accurately portray the start and stop time. Most insurance panels require the start and end time in the progress note. I'm requesting that you consider adjusting the timer to start only when both the client and therapist have arrived to the session. Thank you!

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  • Timothy Nguyen



    I am wanting to integrate Zoom with Simple Practice to where Zoom would replace Simple Practice's telehealth platform. I am currently scheduling appointments and then sending the Zoom link separately, but is there a way to have the Zoom link included with each created appointment?

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  • Courtney Brimm

    I have the same question as Timothy. I want the child to be able to interact with the stimuli, not just see it. For this, I’m willing to stick with Zoom, but I notice the telepractice appointment messages sent to the client include what looks like a permanent link to the SP Telepractice session. I can edit the message but another SP link still shows up.  Here’s what I’m thinking. All I do is telehealth, so I don’t need to distinguish appointments as in-person or telepractice. For my appointment reminders, I can just use a regular appointment and include a link to my personal Zoom meeting room. The question is if that link will function as a hyperlink or not. 🤔 I’m still in the free trial so I hope I can get this to work and stick with SP for everything else.

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  • Matthew C. Chung

    Truth is the zoom application provides a much better platform, with less janky backgrounds.  

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  • David Anderson

    Due to ongoing performance disappointments with Simple Practice I have been using the Hipaa compliant zoom service. What I have found is that simple practice will continuously tell me that I have a bad connection 1 red bar despite having a 1300Mbs down 40Mbs up and a low latency connection to my ISP. Zoom never has such issues and my clients connections stay high quality and consistent as well. Additionaly the noise canceling technology that Simple practice is using is pretty basic if there at all. My conclusion is that SP's servers are overloaded / or that the encryption algorithms are very poorly optimized and do not use hardware acceleration, like GPU processing etc. I have a high-end telehealth setup, and while I use SP's telehealth for convenience. For many clients, I have to send an email directly to them or via SP message system with the zoom link due to the very poor session experiences with their wifi signals. Again, the zoom doesn't have that issue and they do this as their primary business so it makes sense they are far more invested in the infrastructure, audio cleanup/noise canceling, and hardware acceleration. 

    I get that Zoom is a direct competitor for simple practice but it would be nice if there was an easy way to integrate scheduling options to use a zoom scheduled meeting vs the Apple approach of shutting everyone out. 

    I will offer one tip for all using SP for telehealth. I have a PC and bought a lower a basic Nvidia 3000 series graphics card that supports software called Broadcast, it uses the Graphics card GPU and AI engine to clean up video, do noise and echo cancelation on the therapists end, and now also can do speaker noise canceling and echo cancelation. My client had a screaming baby and I couldn't hear it at all, just my client's voice. I had no idea why she was apologizing. My area also has garbage trucks that drive by and pick up daily. Additionally, really loud lawn care mowers, and trimmers during the warmer months. The Nvidia broadcast software filters all of that out and the client hears nothing. This also applies to appliances in the home for those who have families or kids that might be making noise during your session. 

    So if any of you are wanting tech to help improve your telehealth offering experiences have a PC Desktop or (Laptop with an Nvidia gaming chip). Download the nvidia broadcast software. Link to nvidias page is here

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  • Dr. Lauren Colston

    I would like for Simple Practice to allow for providers to send zoom links to clients for telehealth sessions.  For the past year or so I've paid for HIPAA compliant business zoom and don't want to keep sending some clients a separate meeting invite.  My preference is for me to be able to include the link in the "location" option when setting up appointments.  For me and many clients, zoom provides better video, more background filter options, and the fluid ability to interact virtually.

    Why hasn't Simplepractice caught up to this idea or usage of virtual options for telehealth?



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