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    In taking a quick look at your calendar, I see that the sessions are actually color-coding based on the location you've assigned them to. But to help set expectations this presents as a narrow band of color on the left hand side of the appointment. When I looked at your account, I saw you had it set to the month view, which might have made this hard to see. If you toggle to the week or day view and then look at specific sessions, you should see this.

    The only exception being is if you have a session set to the "unassigned" location, like in this example with the Jaime Appleseed test client:

    There would be no band of color assigned to these sessions, which might explain a bit more of what you were seeing as well.

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  • Sandra Uribe

    ho to change color of slots


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  • Ruth

    Hi Sandra, currently, you can't customize the color coding on appointments; however, we're currently considering adding a feature that allows customers to color code appointments on their own. Vote and comment on this feature request if you'd like us to further consider adding it to the platform: 

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  • Keynia Hardley

    I would prefer to be able to color code to indicate different therapists!! Thanks

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